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You can receive your master’s degree in just 1 year!

How is it possible?

You may complete some of our master programmes within a year, and this year you can actually do it in two ways.

  • One of the options is to take advantage of the validation option and complete an otherwise two-year programme in one year, if you have enough relevant study or potential work experience.
  • The other option is applying for admission to one of the 4 study programmes planned to be completed in one year.
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Validation One-year programme
Separate procedure is required X
Administrative fee X
The one-year programme is guaranteed If 60 credits planned for the first academic year of the programme is successfully validated.
Option with Corvinus Scholarship
Available study programmes Four otherwise two-year master programmes can be completed in one year:

Supply Chain Management

Public Policy and Management 


International Economy and Business
Four new* study programmes can be completed in one year

Advanced Supply Chain Management

Public Governance

Marketing Strategy and Innovation

Application Apply for admission before February 15 on the, and in case of successful admission, you can start the validation procedure.Apply for admission before February 15 on the, and in case of successful admission, you can start the validation procedure. Apply for admission from January 31 to February 15 on the In case of successful admission, you have nothing else to do.
Credit approval process May be required depending on the undergraduate programMay be required depending on the undergraduate program
Outcome of the programme Master Degree in the given subject. Master Degree in the given subject.
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The Corvinus Scholarship may be granted for one academic year, so if you study in this form in a one-year master programme, the whole duration of the programme will be definitely free of charge for you.

Being a Corvinus student is an advantage, as with a bachelor degree obtained here with an average grade of 5 your admission to a place financed by a Corvinus Scholarship is guaranteed in our new master programmes, too. You have to go through the admission procedure in the same way, but your free-of-charge place is guaranteed with a Corvinus bachelor degree.

These programmes operate in quarter systems. Its advantage is that you study less subjects at a time, so you can get more absorbed in particular topics.

Advantages of our one-year master programmes

*The curricula of three of the four new study programmes are based on our already well-known programmes. The Advanced Supply Chain Management is the one-year alternative of the Supply Chain Management, the Community Governance is the one-year version of Public Policy and Management, while the Marketing Strategy and Innovation is the one-year equivalent of the Marketing programme. 

The curricula of the four new one-year programmes are structured in a way that we focus on the second academic year from the material of the two-year version.

You can apply for admission to our one-year master programmes without special administrative procedures (validation process) and without extra costs.

In Hungary, these new master programmes are available at the Corvinus only.

How can you validate your credits?

Any prior knowledge you have acquired that is relevant to the programme can be validated. This could be work experience, a college for advanced studies course, any course, TDK research or previously completed credits at another university.

Useful tips for validating

If you’re studying at Corvinus, your Corvinus courses will be accepted during the procedure, so as a bachelor student, you may want to take extra subjects in the autumn and spring semesters. As a bachelor student, you can take 10% more credits than the required number for free.


How much does validation cost?

The validation costs HUF 50.000.

Where can you find the validation platform?

The website will be available in late autumn. We will notify you about its launch on all our online platforms, so you won’t miss it.

Do you have any questions? Reach out to us!

In case you have any questions, feel free to click on the button below and send them to us!


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