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Thesis Proposal Discussion of Diosdado Lopega 03.11.2023 9:45

Kapcsolódó posztok

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Diosdado Lopega’s

An analysis of the linkage between legislators’ behavior and electoral support: The case of Filipino labor emigrants and the Congress of the Philippines

Thesis Proposal’s discussion 

The committee:

  • Chair: Gabriella Ilonszki (BCE)
  • Secretary: Szabolcs Hadászi (BCE)
  • Opponents: Péter Klemensits (PPKE), József Dúró (NKE)
  • Supervisor: Sándor Gallai (BCE)

Date,time and venue:

The Thesis Proposal is available HERE

DATE: Nov 03, 2023 9:45am, Online Event

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Meeting ID: 331 206 595 493
Passcode: jfweqN

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