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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there open days at the university?
Yes, and we look forward to seeing you there. During the Faculty OpenDays you can ask your questions, meet our instructors, and get a taste ofCorvinus. 
Can I pay the tuition fee in instalments?
Yes, the dean can allow it in up to two instalments. Applications mustbe submitted through the Neptun interface, no later than one week before thefirst day of the enrolment/registration period. The first instalment is due bythe registration deadline, the second instalment is due in October in theautumn semester and by 10 March in the spring semester. 
Can I postpone starting university?
Pursuant to Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education and theUniversity’s Study and Examination Regulations, you may have a passive statusbefore completing the first semester if you are unable to meet your obligationsrelating to student status due to childbirth, accident, illness or any otherunexpected cause, which is not your own fault.
Example FAQ
Example FAQ
How and when can I apply for a place in a dormitory?
Before the start of each semester, you mustapply through the Neptun interface by uploading the required documents.Preference will be given to scholarship students and those residing outside theadministrative territory of the capital city. You can find out more at this link .
How and when can I apply for an advanced studies college?
Generally, you will beable to apply for BCE colleges at the beginning of the autumn semester; you canfind more information at this link and inthe ‘info’ evenings hosted by the organisations.
How and when can I join a student organisation?
Usually there is a recruitment period at the beginning of the academicyear, in September, but there are organisations that take on new members at thebeginning of the spring semester.
How can I complete the physical education subject?
The general condition for completing the physicaleducation subject for which you register in Neptun is active participation,with the exception of athletes and health exemptions. Special provisions applyto them, in the currently effective current Study and Exam Regulation.    
How can I have subjects completed at another higher education institution recognised?
You must submit a credit recognition application for that purpose. It isimportant to note that the procedure is subject to a charge and can only beconducted at a specific stage in the semester. 
How can I pay my tuition fee?
There are two ways to pay the tuition fee through the Neptun interface.By choosing Simplepay, you can settle your payment immediately, while you havea processing time of 2-3 days if you transfer the amount into the specifiedomnibus account.
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