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Our research centre is a project based unit of Corvinus University of Budapest at the Department of Economcis. We have no permanent researchers or staff, but we create research groups for research topics. The Centre was founded in the summer of 2015, on an initiative of Eva Berde, who is presently its director.


 We do basic and applied research into the economic consequences of demographic processes, with a special attention to global trends and Hungarian specificities as well.  As far as its economic impacts are concerned, the ageing of the population means a serious challenge in nearly all European countries and in many other countries worldwide.  The Centre deals with these challenges, relying as much on  individual model building and calculations as on papers written by other researchers. Changes in market conditions as a consequence of demographic processes, the demographic sources of economic growth, the calculation of adjusted fertility rates, the possibility of active ageing are all our special research areas, similarly other emerging new areas related to the economic aspects of the demography, and vica versa.  


Transplanting our research results into education is an important aim of our Centre. Our efforts in this field encompass special thesis courses, co-operation with colleges for advanced studies and facultative courses. We try to involve students in our work in order to achieve this goal. There is a great emphasis on contacts with the existing colleges for advanced studies of Corvinus University of Budapest, especially with the members of Colleges for Advanced Studies. 


You can contact us writing to Éva Berde (

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