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Centre For Horizon Europe

The ‘Horizon 2020 Information Point’ started its operation at the University in January 2020 as a department of the Proposal and Project Management Office. Its main scope of duty is to foster new international applications. Secondly, the Information Point supports the ongoing Horizon 2020 applications at the University. Its scope of activities are the following:

  • Mapping those research areas which are important for the university’s researchers and research groups, relevant data collection
  • Monitoring the calls for applications focusing on the university’s main research areas, recommending opportunities regarding persons / research groups
  • Supporting the university’s researchers in drawing up their applications, counselling and active participation in the application process
  • Supporting partner search: establishing contact with the potential application partners, representation of the university and presentation of its application ideas at events Promoting partnerships, searching the possibility of joining forming consortiums
  • Supporting already ongoing Horizon 2020 applications at the university if needed, counselling
  • Active cooperation with the International Department of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office and the national points of contact (NPC’s), regular Consultation in connection with the applications being prepared or implemented, attending information sessions
  • Maintaining contact with external application advisor, organizing advisory consultations if needed, requesting expert opinion on application materials
  • Strengthening and broadening the university’s domestic and international network, establishing working relations with the researchers and research managers of domestic and international universities
  • Maintaining contact with international research management organizations
  • Organizing trainings and study visits for colleagues dealing with university application management

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