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Social Futuring Centre

Social Futuring Centre (SFC) is a multi-disciplinarian research unit of the Corvinus University’s Institute for Advanced Studies. Social futuring is a term and method formulated by the Centre. Social futuring is the feature of a social entity signifying its capacity, ability and fitness to envision and enact changes and so to prepare itself for the beneficial managing of the future. Social futuring is a measure of the creative awareness and intent a social entity (e.g. a family, a community, a city, a country, a region, etc.) needs to rationalize its present and future potential, set common goals, resiliently adapt to and cope with changes, and perform its vision while sustaining its orientation towards the future.

The aims of the SFC are to develop the conceptual and normative framework of social futuring studies, to construct the Social Futuring Index (SFI) and to manage the ConNext 2050 research project.
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