Széchenyi 2020
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Tuition fees and scholarship


The program comprises 4 semesters. The tuition fee is EUR 12.000 / HUF 3 900 000 / semester

The tuition fee includes:
– the costs of learning materials,
– in-day catering on the intensive weekends,
– and all costs of the international weeks in Shanghai (incl. cost of the flight and accommodation)


Scholarship is available upon application for the whole length of the program.
The scholarship covers:
– up to 75% of the tuition fee,
– for up to 4 active semesters.

For being eligible for the scholarship for the full length of the program, students are to fulfill to the following criteria:
– Obtaining min. 24 credits in the previous semester,
– Achieving min. 3,5 grade average (credit-index) in the previous semester,
– Keeping student status,
– Having active semester within 6 semesters from the start of the program.
– Scholarship application starts in August 2022.

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