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About the Program

The New Era of the Globalization and the Multipolar World has arrived.

If you want to become a business leader or to stay the best and you have to be prepared for the new economical and geopolitical challenges and you have to be familiar with the business culture of both the East and West.

Present and future executives require not only general management knowledge, but also local connections to other regional business leaders and public officers as well as decision-makers ultimately a good network. It is the interests of both Central Europe and the EU to have a closer cooperation with China, to understand how the Chinese and the Asian economy is developing. The “One Belt One Road” initiative and the “China-CEE 16+1 Summit” provide a good platform to facilitate further collaborations, and possible connections to the “New Silk-Road of the 21th Century”.

With the professional support of the Chinese and Hungarian leading universities, Fudan University and Corvinus University of Budapest partnered to provide the first Chinese-CEE double degree program. This unique regional experience is offered by exploring the current trends of executive management.

The program participants will be awarded the following degrees:

  • Fudan University: Master in Finance (MSc)
  • Corvinus University of Budapest: Master in Business Administration (MSc)

The learning experience includes up-to-date international methodologies with intensive class discussions, regional and international case studies, simulation and business projects. Besides leading lecturers of both universities, guest speakers of regional companies will also illustrate business case studies.

A TV2 Életmódi című műsorában dr. Fehér Péter, a Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem dékánja a Corvinus és a Fudan Kínai Egyetem együttműködésében létrejött kettős diplomát adó pénzügy-MBA képzésről beszélt.
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