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Examinees with special needs

Any candidate who requires an individual procedure must communicate it in writing when applying for the exam, and, if necessary, certify it with an expert opinion. The expert opinion will be evaluated by the Exam Centre within 10 working days of submission, and the candidate will be notified of the decision. When organising exams or performing assessments, we cannot take into account any disabilities or any other circumstances affecting the candidate’s performance if brought to the attention of the Exam Centre after a candidate’s application or examination. For any other disabilities, the Exam Centre will determine the appropriate examination conditions subject to an individual assessment.

For candidates with physical disabilities, the building of the Exam Centre is fully accessible. In Exam Locations where not all the rooms are accessible, a candidate with a disability will be assigned to a room that is accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Hearing impaired candidates may, subject to individual assessment or upon request, listen to the exam material through headphones or as read out by a native-speaking examiner (e.g. in case of reading from the mouth). The Exam Centre will draw the attention of the Oral Committee to the nature of the disability.

For visually impaired candidates, the Exam Centre prepares worksheets with letters enlarged to a suitable font size. For candidates with limited ability to write, the Exam Centre will, subject to individual assessment and consultation, provide appropriate conditions (e.g. providing a laptop without an Internet connection in the case of a single finger).

For dyslexic and dysgraphic candidates, the Exam Centre will provide 30% longer time than the exam duration set out in examination regulations or, if requested in an expert opinion, a laptop without Internet connection and spell-checking application, for writing the test. (We can provide this in a limited number only.) If required by an expert recommendation, the test material will be prepared in a unique format, e.g. paper of a colour other than white (beige or light yellow), unique font and size of letters and unique formatting, and it is allowed to judge certain spelling errors based on equity.

If, due to religious beliefs, a candidate is unable to take an examination on some days, the candidate must inform the Exam Centre immediately before submitting an application so that the Centre can take appropriate action accordingly. The Exam Centre will assess requests individually and may request reimbursement for any justified additional costs incurred as a result.   

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