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Viewing exam results

a) Within 15 calendar days of the publication of exam results, requests may be submitted either for inspecting exam results, or – with reference to assessments of exams, or infringement of law, or some calculation error in exam results – for a review of exam results. For requests sent by post, the deadline is the date of posting. Requests for inspection and/or review may be initiated in person, by post or e-mail, by completing the form provided for this purpose (under the “Documents” tab on our website) and – in case of review requests – sending a receipt confirming the transfer of the fee to the Exam Centre. When submitting requests by post, please submit them also by e-mail. Review requests will be judged at first instance by the Head of the Exam Centre within 15 days of receipt thereof.

b) Inspection: Candidates may inspect all of their submitted and assessed written examination papers and oral exam assessment forms free of charge at the Exam Centre. Tests may be inspected by candidates and their legal representatives. The Exam Centre provides 45 minutes for inspection under room supervision at a mutually agreed time and date. During inspection, candidates have access to exam tasks; solution keys and/or assessment guides; oral exam assessment sheets; and a pencil and a stamped sheet of paper provided by the Exam Centre for taking notes. Notes on some details of written tests may be taken manually, but other data recording (e.g. taking photos) or photocopying is not allowed. In the course of taking notes, copying complete test steps or exam tasks is forbidden. Before leaving, candidates must present their notes to the room supervisor, who will check them and sign them.

c) Consultation: In addition to inspection, we also provide opportunity for consultation at the special request of candidates. Fees for consultation are of the same amount as special procedural fees. During consultation, candidates may, in addition to inspecting corrected exam papers, request an accredited examining language teacher appointed by the Exam Centre to assist them in analysing their tests and in identifying the most typical problems and deficiencies and to provide personalized counselling for further preparation. In other respects, the rules of inspection will also apply to consultation.

d) Request for review: Within 15 calendar days of the publication of exam results, requests may – with reference to the assessment of exams, or infringement of law, or some error in the calculation of exam results – be submitted for a review of exam results, either in addition to a request for inspecting them or independently. Pursuant to the amendment of Government Decree 137/2008. (V.16.) which entered into force on 27 March 2011, review requests that ask for a re-assessment of tests are subject to a fee, whose amount is 20% of the fee for the written partial exam and 10% of the fee for the oral partial exam. We can only accept requests together with an original or digitalized proof of payment. Upon failure to do so or failure to meet the deadline, the Exam Centre will have the right to disregard the request concerned. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that their requests have been received by the Exam Centre. The Head of the Exam Centre will make a decision on review requests within 15 days of their submission, by notifying candidates of the decision in writing.

e) Legal remedy: Candidates may – within 15 days of the decision on review requests, and with reference to infringement of law or calculation error of results – make a complaint addressed to the Educational Authority but submitted in two copies to the Exam Centre. Appeals are subject to a fee, whose amount is HUF 5,000, i.e. five thousand forints, which must be paid into the Educational Authority’s bank account of number 10032000-00282637-00000000 with the remark “language exam appeal”. Complaints are adjudicated by the Office in accordance with Articles 102-105 of Act CXL of 2004 on the General Rules of Administrative Authority Proceedings and Services. For exams deemed successful based on a review request or complaint adjudicated, the Exam Centre will be obliged to make the examination certificate available to candidates within 15 calendar days from the notification of the final decision.

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