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  • Yes, because all exams were well organised and the examiner teachers were very kind during the oral exam, the atmosphere was not stressful:-) (intermediate German C, CUB; 24.02.2020)
  • I could prepare for the tasks, the circumstances of the exam were excellent, the tasks were solvable and finally I didn’t have to suffer with another examinee during the oral exam but I had the chance to speak to ‘professionals’. (intermediate English C, G+ N; 24.02.2020)
  • Yes. Organisation was almost perfect at every exam, the exam tasks were in line with the levels and during the oral exam the examiners were fair and friendly. (intermediate English C, CUB; 12.02.2020)
  • Tasks in line with level. You can prepare for the exam alone from the given books. Professional arrangement and information (the sending of reminder e-mails before the exams was a great help). (intermediate English C, CUB; 10.02.2020)
  • Yes, because the exam was very fair and performable, and the examiners were super helpful wanting you to pass. (intermediate German C, CUB; 08.02.2020) 

  • Certainly. I took my first language exam here, too, and I could not have chosen better. The teachers at the oral exam are kind and helpful, the written exam and listening test were also arranged elaborately and in organised manner. (intermediate German C, CUB; 06.02.2020)

  • Yes, fair tasks, helpful examiners. (intermediate German C, CUB; 28.09.2020)
  • Yes, I would recommend it. It was easy to get prepared from the book and the atmosphere was really friendly. (intermediate English C, CUB; 26.09.2020)
  • Based on my experiences I would recommend the Corvinus language exam to every friend. Well organised, precise yet calm environment. (intermediate English C, CUB; 26.09.2020)
  • Yes. I have no reason why not. (intermediate German C, CUB; 26.09.2020)
  • Yes, the examiners were supportive. (intermediate English C, CUB; 25.09.2020)
  • Yes. The exam was in line with the level, the examiners were kind and helpful. (intermediate English C, CUB; 25.09.2020)
  • Yes. (intermediate English C, CUB; 25.09.2020)
  • Yes, absolutely. I was very surprised after what I had experienced at previous exam places. Everything went smoothly at the partial exams, the examiners were very kind and helpful. I can’t say anything negative, to be honest. Thank you for the opportunity. (intermediate English C, EGER; 25.09.2020)

  • Yes, everybody was kind and helpful (intermediate English C, CUB; 24.09.2020)

  • Of course, the atmosphere of the exam is pleasant and the examiners are helpful. (advanced English C, DOM; 24.09.2020)

  • Basically yes, but the points given at the oral exam could be a bit fairer and more just, apart from it everything is fine, the examiners are helpful, it was all well organised even during the pandemic. (advanced English C, CUB; 24.09.2020)

  • Yes, because the examiners are kind, the tasks are solvable. (intermediate German C, EGER; 24.09.2020)

  • I absolutely recommend it, the tasks of the exam have natural subjects and the exam assesses language knowledge based on these (intermediate German C, LEN; 24.09.2020)
  • Yes, the atmosphere is good and relaxed (intermediate English C, CUB; 24.09.2020)
  • Yes. The difficulties of the written and oral tasks are balanced. I found certain parts of the written exam unnecessarily too difficult. (intermediate English C, DOM; 24.09.2020) 

  • Yes, everybody is very kind and helpful. (intermediate German C, CUB; 24.09.2020)
  • I would recommend it. It was the first time ever that I felt I could take an exam in fair circumstances and the aim was not to find my weaknesses but they were curious about what I knew – even if it was not perfect. (intermediate English A, CUB; 23.09.2020)
  • Yes. (intermediate German B, CUB; 23.09.2020)
  • Yes, because the atmosphere was examinee friendly both during the oral and the written exams. (intermediate German C, CUB; 17.09.2020)
  • Yes, because the listening test is separated from the written part and you don’t have to concentrate for a long time. The teachers were very helpful and kind during the oral exam, the atmosphere was good. (higher education German C, CUB; 16.09.2020)
  • I would recommend it, because the exam was very well organised and (the examiners) were kind and helpful at the written exam. I did not feel stressed out. (intermediate English C, CUB; 16.09.2020)
  • Absolutely yes! The exam and the examiners are the fairest of all exam centres presently. (intermediate English C, Minerva; 09.09.2020)
  • Yes, because thanks to the examiners during the oral exam I was not stressed out at all after the first 2 minutes. They are friendly and helpful. (Intermediate Russian C, CUB; 08.09.2020)
  • Yes, because administration is simple, the examiners are kind, the language exam is recognised at many universities. (intermediate German C, Academy; 17.09.2020)
  • Yes, because I could pass my exam in a pleasant and stress-free atmosphere. (advanced English C, CUB; 02.09.2020)
  • Absolutely. You won’t be disappointed if you are up to a certain level. I find the level even lower than one wishing to be in international relations in English should be able to manage, to be honest: so to give a certificate for those achieving 60% is too easy. (advanced English C, CUB; 31.08.2020)
  • Of course I would recommend it. The examiner and invigilator teachers are very pleasant, the exam parts were taken in really good atmosphere. (intermediate Spanish C, CUB; 31.08.2020)
  • Yes, I would recommend it. High quality and fair process during the exams. (intermediate English C, Academy; 31.08.2020)
  • Yes, because we were well informed. Registration was an expressly easy and fast process, it was not overly complicated. We received notification, reminder messages before the exam, which I found especially helpful. (intermediate English C, SZE; 31.08.2020)
  • The tasks are transparent and easy to understand, there are sample exams on the net. The tasks are exactly as difficult in the available book as at the exam, you can clearly get prepared. It’s not easy but it gives you a widely known and recognised certificate. (intermediate English B, CUB; 28.08.2020)
  • Yes, because I was very nervous because of the oral exam but I shouldn’t have been. The examining committee was very kind, the article was interesting. I normally go blank at the oral exams but this time it wasn’t the case. (advanced German C, CUB; 28.08.2020)
  • Yes, because the atmosphere was good. (intermediate English A, CUB; 27.08.2020)
  • Thank you (intermediate German B, ME; 28.09.2020)
  • I’m grateful for opting for this language exam type! Muchas gracias. (intermediate Spanish C, CUB; 31.08.2020)
  • (Continuation): I also liked that the oral exam, the listening test and the written exam were on separate days, so I could focus on the given skills. (advanced German C, CUB; 28.08.2020) 

Thank you for the opinions!

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