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Fudan University

Fudan University and Corvinus University of Budapest agreed to launch a double degree program. The Program is available for the MSc in Economic Analysis students in English and Hungaraian training.

The maximum number of students joining the exchange program from each university will be no more than 3 annually. The students from both sides can join the double degree program with a tuition waiver.

Students, who
  • Complete the academic and examination requirements of the Program,
  • Successfully pass the final examination, and
  • Meet the foreign language requirements required for issuing the diploma (hold a language examination),
  • Pass the required thesis and dissertation for issuing the diploma become eligible for obtaining
  • The diploma issued by Corvinus, which certifies Economic Analyst qualification, and
  • The diploma issued by Fudan, which is a diploma for the English-taught Master (EMA) Program in World Economy/Finance.
Students spend their first year (Semesters 1 and 2) in Corvinus studying in the full-time Master’s in Economic Analysis program. Upon successful application to Fudan, and having completed this phase, they can start their studies at Fudan University (Semesters 3 and 4).

Semesters 3 and 4 of the Program take place at Fudan, where students take a Program of English-taught courses from the two-year EMA Chinese Economy or Finance Program curriculum offered by the School of Economics, Fudan. The academic year at Fudan comprises four compulsory courses (11 Chinese credits total), 1 short course (1 Chinese credit),between 3 and 5 optional courses (2 or 3 Chinese credits each), and Master’s thesis (for 3 Chinese credits). Students gain the political and cultural knowledge necessary for understanding the Chinese Economy or Finance on an interdisciplinary level.

On successful completion of the first year at Corvinus and the second year at Fudan and upon satisfying graduation requirements of both parties, students will be conferred master’s degrees from both Fudan and Corvinus as specified above.  
Dr. Rosta Miklós Gazdaság- és Közpolitika Intézet / Összehasonlító és Intézményi Gazdaságtan Tanszék
Tanszékvezető, Egyetemi docens / Head of Department, Associate Professor
E épület, 216
Phone: +36 1 482 5157 • Ext: 5157
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