Széchenyi 2020
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Student life

Experience Corvinus

Campus in the heart of Budapest

Enjoy the excellent location of our world heri­tage site Campus in downtown Budapest on the bank of River Danube, easily accessible by un­derground, tram, and bus.

Interactive and practical courses

Gain practical knowledge on our interactive, case study-based courses. Corvinus became No 1 in CEMS Elective courses in 2015 based on student evaluations and No 1 in CEMS skill sem­inars in 2016 in the CEMS Alliance.

Network with Corporate Partners

Meet our CEMS Corporate Partners who are actively involved in all elements of the CEMS curriculum: courses, skill seminars, and business projects. McKinsey, Deloitte, Mastercard, MET, PwC and Microsoft regularly offer business projects to our CEMS students.

CEMS Career Forum

Join the CEMS Career Forum which have be organized in Budapest from 2017 on.

Vivid student life

Participate in a wide range of events offered by CEMS Club Budapest from winter and summer camp to rotation dinners with Corporate Partners, interna­tional dinner with your fellow CEMSies, charity run with NGOs and a lot more.

Helpful buddies

Get guidance from your buddy who helps you in questions of your everyday life regarding accommodation or transportation and ensures that you always feel cared about.

Strong CEMS Alumni Network

Leverage on the knowledge and experience of local CEMS Alumni by getting career advice during the SAMP mentor program or attending AlumNights dealing with the most pressing busi­ness related issues.

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