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Everyday life

Buddy system

Before you come to Budapest you will receive the name of your CEMS buddy who can help you to get around in Budapest. Contact him or her and feel free to ask him/her questions about everyday life in Budapest, student life etc.

Arrival in Budapest

By public transportation

Step 1: After exiting either Terminal 2A or 2B, go to the “Information and tickets” booth of BKK to purchase tickets to the given destination (they will help you with how many you need). You will need minimum of 2 paper tickets.  

Step 2: Takes bus #200E going towards Kőbánya-Kispest (closest metro station to downtown). Validate your ticket on the bus.

Step 3: Take M3 underground bound to Újpest Központ. It will take you to the city centre. Validate your ticket.  

By Taxi

The fastest and most direct way of getting from Budapest Airport to downtown is definitely by taxi. Only one company is currently authorized to provide unreserved taxi service with curbside pick-up at Budapest Airport: Főtaxi, which guarantees regulated rates with prepaid vouchers available at the taxi stands. Please note, official taxi drivers do not stand in the arrivals hall or ask if you need a taxi.

To reach most central-Budapest hotels, Főtaxi charges approximately 7,000 forints (about 22 euros).

By Airport Shuttle

Airport Shuttle offers shared rides to and from the airport. Check out the official miniBUD website for fare information and details.

Budapest public transportation

Budapest has a very extensive and developed public transportation system. BKK (in Hungarian Budapest Közlekedési Központ) operates buses, trams, trolley buses, metro lines, suburban railway, boat services, funicular and cable chair. The system is reliable, safe, punctual, covers the whole city and it is cheap: a monthly student pass costs HUF 3450  (11 EUR) with a Hungarian student ID card (obtainable at the CEMS office).

 Where to buy tickets

  • Ticket vending machines
  • At major hubs – over the counter
  • On the bus/trolley bus only. Tickets can be bought at the first door of the vehicle from the driver. This option is available on most of the buses, however, one single ticket costs 450HUF this case. 

Public holidays

Please note that on public holidays everything is closed.

January 1New Year’s Day
March 15 Official commemoration events in memory of the 1848 Revolution
March – April Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Monday:
changes every year between the end of March
and end of April
May 1Labor Day
Whit Monday (Pentecost): changes every year
August 20 Foundation of the Hungarian State, Day of the
Constitution celebrated with spectacular
fireworks in Budapest
October 23 Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution against the
Communist regime
November 1 All Saints Day
December 25-26Christmas

Cost of living

Costs of living in Hungary are relatively low (compared to West- and North European countries). Students need approx. 800-1000 EUR/month to cover living expenses including accomodation, food and public transport.

For more details check:


Students have to find their own accommodation. Renting a flat in the city ranges from about 400 to 600 EUR/month, depending on the size and location of the flat and on the number of students sharing it. We recommend that our students rent apartments together. Get in contact with someone who has already spent a semester in Budapest or your CEMS buddy.Please note that the univesity does NOT have a contract with any estate agency, so please read your contract very carefully before signing it to avoid future problems!


Food: the Great Market Hall, next to the main building of the university or at supermarkets (Aldi, Spar, CBA) and hipermarkets (Auchan, Tesco).
Folk art, antiques, the widest range of consumer goods: the Castle District, Kossuth Lajos utca, Rákóczi út, Károly körút, Múzeum körút, Szent István körút, Erzsébet körút and József körút.

Shopping centres – with cinemas;

Mammut, 2nd district, Széna tér; red (M2) metro, Széll Kálmán tér stop;

Westend City Center, 6th district, Váci út 1-3, Nyugati Railway Station;

Árkád , 10th district, Örs vezér tere 25, red (M2) metro, final stop

The Great Market Hall next to the Campus


You can try these Hungarian dishes:

  • Paprika Chicken (Csirkepaprikás)
  • Plum Dumplings (Szilvás gombóc)
  • Goulash Soup (Gulyásleves)
  • Fruit Soup (Gyümölcsleves)
  • Fish Soup (Halászlé)
  • Stew (Pörkölt)

Eating on the campus:

  • Great Market hall – next to the main building
  • 39 Studium Étterem – next to the „C” new building
  • Canteen inside of the old building – in the basement

You can find various restaurants around the Campus, e.g. Hungarian, Asian, Thai, etc. at Kálvin square and Ráday street.

What to see and do in Budapest

Check this website for tips on what to do in Budapest:

Hungarian emergency phone number

Ambulance, fire and rescue, police
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