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MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd. joined the CEMS Alliance in 2015. They held a skill seminar for 21 highly selected CEMS students within the frame of the V4 Conference in April 2016. The topics of the seminar were “Digital disruption in a competitive retail environment: How does a sales-driven enterprise architecture look like?” and “Disruptive innovation in the energy sector”.


What does the CEMS program mean for the company?

The CEMS program means a unique opportunity for MVM Group, a possibility to participate in a high-prestige business academic program as a sponsor. This can improve on one hand the employer brand of the group and on the other hand it can ensure access to a highly selected, outperforming student group and can open possibilities for future cooperation with the students after their graduation.


What kind of values and skills does MVM Group seek from the students?

MVM Group is looking for the core values of the company, which have determined the corporate life for decades: security, excellence and responsibility. Besides these, MVM Group keeps pace with the continuous development processes – therefore it also determines those values in its strategy that are barely associated with companies of this size, however they have important meaning nowadays. These are agility, innovation and customer-centric way of thinking.


What are the newest trends applicants have to be aware of? 

As also the topics of the skill seminar reflect, MVM Group has to put bigger and bigger emphasis on the disruptors: on those competitors who are possessing business models based on new technologies, who are entering the market beside the traditional players, while “disrupting” the current market mechanism. MVM Group considers it extremely important that future employees should be able to answer these challenges in an efficient way.


Which added values provide access to foreign students for the company? 

A company that grew big in the Hungarian market and is mainly active in this local market, has to face diverse challenges in the globalizing world. This requires a new way of thinking and the international students can contribute to this with their important remarks. The next challenge for MVM Group is the conquest of the international markets; therefore, the experiences and the diverse background of the students are inevitable. 


Why could MVM Group be an ideal company for a freshly graduated CEMS student?

MVM Group is one of the biggest corporate groups of Hungary based on both net sales and the number of employees. At its own market it plays a dominant role, it is active in every segment, whether it is about electricity, natural gases, energy generation, transport or trade, but it is also present in the field of innovative technology or renewable energy. For those who are interested in the energy market, MVM Group can ensure a huge knowledge basis. At the same time, it can provide various challenges in other fields as well, such as the fields of IT, telco or financial services. MVM Group is also active in markets where it is not a market leader yet, but based on its strategy it strives to achieve the pole position. MVM Group would like to take the lead on the development of the energetic technologies and on the support of the energetic innovation.


Which are the typical positions MVM Group can offer to fresh graduates?

Beyond the classical corporate functions (e.g. finance, marketing, treasury) students can acquire also deeper energetic competences through the entire energetic supply chains (e.g. production, logistic, trade).


Interview made by Renáta Fehér and Dávid Csik in September 2016.

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