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Who is an ideal candidate?

Students registered in one of the following master programmes are eligible to enter the CEMS MIM programme.


Ellátásilánc-menedzsment MSc
Gazdaságinformatikus MSc
Marketing MSc
Pénzügy MSc
Számvitel MSc
Turizmus menedzsment MSc
Vállalkozásfejlesztés MSc
Vezetés és szervezés MSc
Regionális és Környezeti Gazdaságtan MSc


MSc in Marketing
MSc in Finance
MSc in Business Information Systems
MSc in Business Administration
MSc in International Economy and Business
MSc in Regional and Environmental Economic Studies  
MSc in International Taxation  

Check out the following link about how to apply to any of the above mentioned Master’s Programmes at Corvinus:  

Also eligible are those with a Bachelor degree and starting their master programmes in the above mentioned programmes in the upcoming Spring term. Their acceptance into the CEMS MIM programme is conditional upon their enrolment into one of these programmes.

Those, who have already started their master programme studies (home master) during the previous Spring term are eligible to enter the CEMS MIM programme provided:

  • they have an ‘active’ student status during their CEMS MIM year;
  • they accept that their foreign semester is the Fall term of their CEMS MIM year;
  • they attach a detailed study plan to their application describing the fulfilment of all study requirements of both the home master programme and the CEMS MIM programme;
  • these students are advised to seek a ‘passive’ student status during the third semester of their home master programme to leave 2 active semesters for their CEMS MIM year.

Those with a non-business bachelor degree can only enter the programme if they have collected at least 60 ECTS credits by completing business courses during their bachelor studies. A proof of fulfilling this requirement should be provided with the application.

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