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Scoring system

The common elements in both the traditional way and via the Assessment Centre are the Academic achievement, the Language skills and the Motivational video.

I. Academic achievement: maximum 30 points

For the evaluation of academic achievement the weighted average grade used for the qualification of the Bachelor diploma is taken into account according to the following table. If the applicant has more than one Bachelor degrees, the one with a business topic should be taken into account. If all degrees have been earned in the business field the one with the better result should be considered.  
AveragePointAveragePointAverage PointAveragePointAveragePoint
4,91-4,95 294,56-4,60224,21-4,25153,86-3,9083,50-3,551
4,86-4,90 284,51-4,55214,16-4,20143,81-3,857
4,81-4,85 274,46-4,50204,11-4,15133,76-3,806
4,76-4,80 264,41-4,45194,06-4,10123,71-3,755
4,71-4,75 254,36-4,40184,01-1,05113,66-3,704
4,66-4,70 244,31-4,35173,96-4,00103,61-3,653

II. Language skills: maximum 10 points

An excellent command of English is a prerequisite to entering the programme and will be assessed during the interviews.

Any additional language skills (non-mother tongue) are evaluated based on the following table:

Advanced business language exam (oral and writen) 10
Advanced general language exam (oral and written) 8
Advanced (business or general) oral or written language exam 6
Intermediate (business or general) language exam (oral and written) 4

III. Motivational video: maximum 10 points

What do we expect from you to answer in the video?    

1.    Motivation to enter the CEMS MIM programme;

2.    The reason why you believe you are an ideal candidate for a CEMS MIM degree;

3.    Motivation behind the choice of foreign universities (for the first three institutions);

4.    Long term objectives;

5.    Anything else you think is beneficial for us to know about you.

 Technical information:  

Dress code: Business-like/business casual/the way you will come to the personal meeting

Length: max. 2 minutes

If you apply via the traditional way your final score will contain the common elements + Extracurricular activities and Interview points:
Academic Achievement (30 points) + Language skills (10 points) + Motivational video (10 points) + Extracurricular activities (25 points) + Interview (25 points) = 100 points

Extracurricular activities: maximum 25 points  

Extracurricular Activity Max. points
Academic studies in a foreign language
– 3 points / term
– Maximum 3 terms can be accounted for
– Only fully accomplished courses can be taken into account
– Required document: Neptun print screen (for only Corvinus BSc students) or photocopy of index or transcript

Course(s) taken in a foreign language and awarded with credit
– 1 point/course (maximum of two courses – no language or translation courses).
NB: points will be given in one category only: for study abroad term or for foreign language courses
TDK/OTDK (Scientific Student Conference)
– OTDK rank 1-3: 6 points
– OTDK participation: 2 points
– TDK rank 1-3: 4 points
– TDK participation: 1 point
– In case the same project is involved in TDK and OTDK, only the higher result can be accounted for
– Required document: OTDK certificate or certificate given by the relevant faculty/department

(Case) study competitions
– Rank 1-3, international: 4 points
– Participation, international: 2 points
– Rank 1-3, national: 3 points
– Participation, national: 1 point
– Required document: certificate from organizers or certificate given by the relevant faculty/department
NB: internal, institutional/departmental level competitions will not be considered
Teaching assistantship (’demonstrator’):
– Teaching a course for one semester: 4 points (max. 2 courses can be accepted)
– Teaching at special college or at any forum connected to university (except demonstrator activity): 3 points
– Involved in departmental research or other tasks: 2 points
– Required document: certificate from responsible body
– Article published in scientific journal: 3 points
– Other professional publication: 2 points
– Maximum 2 publications can be certified
– Publications in the press (printed and online) or translations cannot be accepted
– Required document: photocopy of publication (with cover of the journal)
Student organization / Professional college
– Top management position: 8 points
– Middle management position: 5 points
– Active member: 3 points

Participation in student association ’diákkör’
– Management position: 5 points
– Active member: 2 points
Roles in student union ’HÖK’:
– Top manager position: 8 points
– Middle management position: 5 points
– Member (’Választmányi tag’): 3 points
– Member (’Megbízott tag’): 2 points
In case the candidate participates in different organizations, membership in maximum two organizations can be certified.
Required document: Appendix of Erasmus/overseas Application Form. Type of organization (professional college, student association, student organization) must be clearly indicated.
Activities done outside Corvinus or Hungary
The above scoring system of extracurricular activities is designed based on Hungarian and Corvinus particularities. Candidates who completed their Bachelor studies and social/extracurricular activities outside of Hungary or Corvinus must bring a detailed certificate of the different activities that will help the Admission Board in the scoring.
– 12 weeks (3 months): 3 points
– Compulsory Internship agreements completed as a graduation requirement for Bachelor degree is not acceptable
– Maximum 2 internships can be certified
– Points can be given only to certifications handed in until the application deadline and only (minimum 12-week long, uninterrupted) internships ended until the deadline are accepted
– Partial points cannot be given
– Required document: contract or employer’s certificate (with exact starting and ending date, position) indicating contact person’s details, a certificate or contract of the compulsory internship
Tandem Program
On the basis of the International Office’s evaluation:
– 10-9 points: 3 points
– 8-7 points: 2 points
– 5-6 points: 1 points
– Maximum of one tandem programmes can be accepted
– Required document: no form is needed if your tandem partner was assigned by the International Office (Szalai Gábor) or ISP Office (Gitta Pestalits)

Participation in CEMS Club activities:
– Maximum 4 points
– Required document: evaluation form of the CEMS organization
Voluntary work
– 12 weeks (3 months): 3 points  
– Points can be given only for certifications handed in until the application deadline and only (minimum 12-week long, uninterrupted) voluntary work ended until the deadline are accepted
– Partial points cannot be given
Required document: contract or employer’s certificate (with exact starting and ending date, position) indicating contact person’s details

For items 2, 3 and 4 a maximum of 20 points can be awarded.

(Except for item 7, this table is equivalent to the table used by the international mobility regulation (‘Részvétel tanulmányi célú, nemzetközi hallgatói mobilitási programokban’) of the Corvinus Business School. In case of any doubt, the table in the mobility regulation should be taken into account.)

Interview: maximum 25 points

Interviews are conducted by a team consisting of 4-6 members (the CEMS MIM academic director, a language professor, the programme manager, a company representative, a CEMS MIM alumni and a representative of current students).

The following criteria are used during the evaluation process:
1. Knowledge, formal education, ability to analyse, learn and reflect;
2. Interpersonal competencies, accurate understanding of others, learning from others, ability to convince, tolerance, team player skills;3. Desire to achieve performance orientation and strive for results, motivation for the CEMS MIM;4. Integrity, ability to show and act on own beliefs;  
If you apply via the Assessment Centre, your application score will contain the common elements + the Assessment Centre score:Academic Achievement (30 points) + Language skills (10 points) + Motivational video (10 points) + Assessment Centre (50 points) = 100 points

In the Assessment Centre we will look at the following evaluation criteria:
  • Intellectual potential
  • Critical thinking
  • International openness
  • Integrity
  • Interpersonal competences
For the Assessment Centre tasks please check the Application Steps.  
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