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Fees and Scholarships


Tuition Fee: There is no tuition fee for the CEMS MIM programme at Corvinus.

Handling Fee: 100 EUR payable to CEMS Head Office after acceptance to the CEMS programme.

Block seminar fee: 300 EUR (intensive seminar of the Fall semester).

Responsible Global Leadership seminar fee: 100 EUR (intensive seminar of the Spring semester).

Exchange semester: CEMS students do not pay a tuition fee to the CEMS partner university for the exchange semester.



If you spend your exchange semester in the EU you will get an Erasmus+ grant, there is no additional application procedure for the grant.

You can apply for Erasmus+ grant for the international internship. Application must be submitted during your active semester at the Corvinus MSc. For application requirements please check:


Campus Mundi:

You can apply for the Campus Mundi scholarship for your exchange semester in any country and for your international internship outside of the EU.

For the detailed application requirements please check:

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