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Elements of the CEMS MiM

 1. A mandatory semester abroad

You will get the opportunity to study one semester abroad at a CEMS partner university. The semester abroad can be in the Fall semester or in the Spring semester.

2. Two mandatory courses (12 ECTS)

Fall semester: Global Strategy (6 ECTS)

Spring semester: Global Management Practice (6 ECTS)

2. Elective courses (33 ECTS)

You can choose from a wide-range of courses in both semesters at Corvinus, in the term abroad you will select from the CEMS elective portfolio of the partner university.

3. Business project (15 ECTS)

The business project is a real-life business problem of one of our Corporate Partners that you will solve in teams in the Spring term.

4. Block seminar (3 ECTS)

The block seminar is a one-week intensive seminar at the beginning of the Fall semester.

In 2019 the topic of the Block seminar at CUB was Digital Business Transformation. You can get a general impression on what a Block seminar is like here:

5. Skill seminars (2 ECTS)

Skill seminars are intensive one or two day practice-oriented seminars where you develop a certain skill with the guidance of corporate partners. Business Communication Skill seminar is a mandatory element in the Fall semester.

6. Internship

An international internship of minimum 8 weeks is also required for your CEMS degree.

7. Second foreign language

You will need to pass a language test or complete a language course in a second foreign language to ensure the ability to live and work in a multicultural environment.

You can read more about the CEMS MIM Programme at:

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