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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about: 
… our Cumpus
… in general
… registration
… accomodations and services 

How is the accessibility of Campus buildings?

Most of the buildings and facilities at Corvinus are accessible. You can find information for the location of accessible entrances to Budapest campus buildings here and Székesfehérvár campus buildings here.

What is mean Studying without barriers?

“It’s not our disability, it’s our ability that count.”Chris Burke

We support our students with disabilities to have equal access to our courses and to participate in them independently. We do our best to adjust our services as well as individual approach to people with various types of disabilities. 

Where can I get information regarding accomodation?

Student Support Services (SSS) is a group of Corvinus University located in E. Building.  Disability Support Services Coordinator (DSSC) works with students with impairments of: 

  • Hearing  
  • Visual 
  • Mobility   
  • LearningAttention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 
  • Psychological 
  • AutismTemporary injuries

What is an accommodation?

An accommodation is a change that is made so that a person with a disability is able to fully participate.  It provides equity opportunity to the students with disabilities by changing a practice or the way things are routinely done.  These accommodations are wide ranging and could be:

  • classroom accommodations
    • note taker
    • in-class assistant
    • accessible seating
    • assistive software and technology
  • exams accommodations
    • longer exam time
    • quiet classroom for taking exam
    • materials in alternative formats

How do I request for reasonable accomodations?

Contact Disability Support Services Coordinator (DSSC) of Student Support Services (SSS) at and proceed with the following registration process:

  • submit the documentation of the disability 
  • schedule an appointment for individual consultation  
  • complete the registration form with your personal data 
  • discuss the reasonable accomodations and services

Is SSS involved with the admission process?

Student Support Services (SSS) is not a participant in the admission process.  All applicants must be “otherwise qualified” to attend Corvinus and must meet the same admissions standards, regardless of disability.  

What if I suspect I may have disability but have never been diagnosed?

If you thing may have a disability should contact our Disability Support Services Coordinator  to discuss the situation. Our Coordinator could provide information and referrals to help you.

I have a temporary injury to my hand. How can I take my tests?   

If you need temporary assistance you should contact our Coordinator at to discuss what accomodation may be available.   

What contains the Digital Accessibility?

Digital accessibility  is the practice of making digital documents, web and mobile apps accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. This might include features such as videos captioning, images that include “alt text” , keyboard’s navigable websites,  screen readers, etc.    

How to login to the MOODLE?

 The Moodle system is authenticating with your CUSMAN id and password (which is not the same as your Neptun password).Is your CUSMAN user activated?

  • If no
    • please activate it on the following site CUSMAN
    • Log in to the Moodle

  • If yes
    • Do you forget you password?
      Please visit the ISZK IT helpdesk at Salthouse (Sóház) 1 floor 110 room and ask a new Cusman password.
    • You’re absolutly sure about your password?
      If yes please test it on CUSMAN website.
      If you can’t log in try to get a new CUSMAN password from ISZK IT helpdesk at Salthouse (Sóház) 1 floor 110 room

  • If you have any further questions about the system please don’t hesitate to contact us with your Neptun ID: 
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