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Studying without barriers

From 7 September 2020, a medical assistanceservice will be available in room 79 of the main university building from 8.00to 16.00. You can contact the medical assistant if you experience symptoms forthe first time while you are at theuniversity and wish to request help inassessing your condition, as well as help with what to do in such a case. Thecontinuously available medical assistant may, if necessary, call out a doctor,but this does not replace the GP service; so basically everyone should seetheir own doctor, while we reserve this opportunity for situations that ariseunexpectedly and require immediate treatment.

If you are unable to come to the university dueto a coronavirus infection or official quarantine, or because you are involvedin a coronavirus contact research, you can report it as a student via emailsent to

We want to help our students see opportunities for themselves. Providing them adjustments we hope they can live the lives they want to live and reach their academic goals.  

In the light of this if during your studies …

… need help to make studies more accessible

… apply for assessment and exam adjustments

… use technical equipment to understand lectures

… need more time to meet requirements and pass exams

… wish to use library services

… need to discuss your specific situation, and any possible help you may need

Then you can contact Disability Services Consultant (DSC) of Student Support Services (SSS). This is not compulsory, but please note that nothing will happen if you do not contact us first. If you apply for a special facility, the DSC will assess your situation and look into the best solution for you.

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