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Student support services

Summer break

Dear Students,

please be informed that counseling is available also in exam period in form of online sessions until 26th June. You can ask for an appointment via

During summer holiday we can offer mini counseling (1-2 sessions) for cases when you feel you can not cope with the particular problem on your own or can not wait until September to start usual counseling work. Please share some details of your problem in every case when contacting us. Information will be treated confidentially.

In case of emergency call 112. If you consulted with a psychiatrist, call your insurrance company to check psychiatrical services included in your package. Your coordinator may assist you in insurrance related questions.

We wish you both physically and mentally refreshing summer after this unusual semester.

Do not hesitate to turn to us. We would like you to feel that you are not alone with your problems even in times of distance learning.

We are here to help you in coping with the challenges of university life in order to achieve a more balanced and happier life. We are glad to support you in your professional life with career coaching therefore you can make more conscious desisions and leverage your skills and strength. We aim to create inspiring atmosphere by our programs promoting mental health and to offer opportunities for finding a community you can belong to.

Please be informed that individual counseling sessions occur online in pandemic. 

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