Széchenyi 2020
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I am Bettina Török, Business Informatics Engineer student in the fourth year. I am member of JÉG more than one year, and from 2019 summer I am the president of JÉG Corvinus. Informatics and educations are also very important to me. I like different challenges and also the interesting tasks.
My favourite motto: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” and “Everyone makes time for what they want to!”.
You can contact me at
I am Daniel Molnar, Finance and Accounting student in the first year. I am member of JÉG more than one year and from 2019/2020 academic year I am the vice-president of JÉG Corvinus. Studying is very important to me, however I always find a little time to my friends and also to the sport, since I have been playing tennis for twelve years.
My favourite motto: “If not now, then when?”, this motto reflects that I like start new things and go through them successfully.
You can contact me at
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