Széchenyi 2020
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More about us

Our Mascot is Benő The Raven, you can find him on Facebook under the name of Benő Corvin. Don’t be afraid to message him about any kind of problems as far as courses, how to use the library and of course about upcoming events, parties. ? He will always send out invitations, don’t hesitate to press „Interested” or „Going” so your friends will know, you’re ready to have fun!

Speaking of events, I am here to name the best one, yet I cannot choose! Our Pub Crawls are definitely unforgettable (although some of you may lose your memories of the much fun), but you shouldn’t miss the Fresh Camp, our International Trip or any Quiz night either!

And finally, one more important piece of information: don’t forget to buy an ESN card, because our tireless team was working on fighting for you the best discounts at hostels like Full Moon Design Hostel, GoodMo House, and at the best gym Go Active Budapest. And if you had your beauty sleep and you feel fit enough, go have fun in one of the four escape rooms of M!ndquest, or grab a drink in Stifler32, or bite on a burger at Deepburger! (And the list of discounts hasn’t ended yet!)

You can check out all the available discounts at our page right here:

Enjoy your stay in Budapest, we will do everything to make it memorable!  

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