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Corvinus Közgáz Folk Ensemble

Tradition. Experience. Fellowship.

Corvinus Közgáz Folk Ensemble operating as the student organization of Corvinus University of Budapest, was founded in 1948 and still to date operates on the university. Its members’ today include university students, intellectuals. The group regularly participates at international and national professional festivals, various university and corporate events, various cultural events in Budapest and in the country, and those of the Hungarian Heritage House and the Palace of Arts. In recent years it represented the country and its traditional music and dances in Barcelona, Verona, Stockholm, Sardinia and Turkey. In addition, it was invited many times to the Spring Festival of Budapest and the different programs of the Sziget Festival (Island of Freedom).

Rehearsals, camps and expeditions assist the members in learning the characteristic rural dances of a region. In its program the ensemble seeks for ways of look and forms of expression by which folklore provides enjoyable and exciting entertainment even to today’s men.

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