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Informations for freshmen

Dear Future First Year Student,

We congratulate you on your successful entrance examand cannot wait to greet you among the students of our university fromSeptember 2020.

After having passed the entrance exam, each studentwill receive an e-mail by 27 July at the latest, as soon as their data areuploaded to the university’s electronic study administration system, Neptun.You will then receive your personal identifier and password that will enableyou to access Neptun.

When the decision on acceptance is taken, the resultwill be uploaded electronically to Neptun under „official notes”. You will benotified about this electronically. As for the paper-based original of thedecision document, you will get it upon enrolment.

Please take your time to read our compilation aboutthe commencement of your studies, especially with regard to how you should get preparedfor the enrolment.

-The student status is acquired by enrolment, thereforeit is compulsory to take part in the enrolment procedure!-

If you are not in the position to come on thedesignated day, another person may act on your behalf with the duly completed „Sample Power of Attorney” available on the website.

In this case the authorised person will have to comeand present all the documents required for enrolment, a copy of each as well asthe identity documents of the future student.

May we call your attention to the fact that inaccordance with Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education and theUniversity’s Study and Exam Regulation, the student may only take a passivesemester prior to the completion of the first semester provided thathe/she is unable to meet obligations arising from the student status due tochildbirth, accident, illness or any other unexpected cause, without any faulton the part of the student.

Further information on enrolment with regard to the venueand the schedule by academic levels and modes of study will be shared here and viathe electronic address of students until 31 July at the latest.

Power of Attorney for student’s study related matters

BA/BSc programmes:

  • BA/BSc Fulltime programmes Budapest: 04.09.2020, Friday 6.00 PM
  • BA/BSc Part time programmesBudapest: 04.09.2020, Friday 9.00 AM
  • Undivided MSc programmes Budapest: 04.09.2020, Friday 6.00 PM

MA/Msc programmes:

  • MA/MSc Fulltime programmes Budapest: 04.09.2020, Friday 2.00 PM
  • MA/MSc Parttime programmes Budapest: 04.09.2020, Friday 9.00 AM

I. Documents of personal identification

For Hungarian citizens

  1. ID card + COPY
  2. Address card + COPY
  3. TAJ (Hungarian social security) card + COPY
  4. Tax ID card+ COPY

If you don’t have a tax ID card, make sure you obtainit before the date of enrolment (without it you are not eligible for anyscholarship, aid and you will also need your tax ID if you study in aself-funded program)

          5. COPY of document certifying the account number of thepersonal current account contract

(a printed document confirming the bank account numberwhich can be a copy of the relevant section of a bank account statement or abank certificate)

You need to have a private current account at aHungarian bank to commence your studies. You must certify the existence of suchan account at the time of enrolment.

For foreign citizens or students with dual citizenship

  1.  Document certifying identity (e.g. passport) + COPY
  2. Residence permit + COPY
  3. International health insurance card + COPY
  4. Decision on acquiring Hungarian citizenship, signed by the President of theRepublic (if applicable)

II. Documents certifying education

1. BA students: Certificate of secondary education and its attestation + COPY

  • Certificate of secondaryeducation attestation + COPY

2. MA students: Diploma and its attestation + COPY

3. Language exam certificate(s) + COPY (Please take a copy of each of thepages and continuation sheets of your certificate of secondary education.Please attach a copy of both the Hungarian and the English pages of yourcertificate and make sure that the serial number of the form is visible in theupper left corner of the copy.

Please be advised that only students who have obtaineda bachelor degree and a professional qualification attested by a diploma may beadmitted to a Master program/ specialist postgraduate program (Article 40 (4) ofthe Higher Education Act)

III. Others

1. ID photo (one standard size (35 x 45 mm, in pixels: 413 x 531 (300 dpi)), featuringyour name and the study program on the back.

2. Blue ink pen.

3. If you were admitted to a self-funding program, a satisfactory proof ofpayment of the fee.

4. The printed andsigned document on fire and workplace safety training

We would also like to call your attention to the fact that you must haveall the listed documents and one (high quality or colour) copy of each of themon you at the time of the enrolment!

The active student status is established when theadmitted applicant has met all of the following requirements jointly:

1. has met (personal) enrolment obligations (completingenrolment form, completing contract, submitting required documents etc.),

2. has afinalised individual curriculum with the required minimum of study units in theNEPTUN system,

3. has met all other obligations required foractivating the semester (e.g.: payment of fee for self-funded students),

4. has registered the current semester as an activesemester in the NEPTUN system.

A certificate of student status may be requested fromthe Student Affairs Office only following enrolment and after the registrationweek, but not before 7 September 2020. 

Dear Future Student,

Please take note of the fact that a student card mayonly be requested by students who have enrolled and have established a studentstatus with the university.

This is how you can apply for a student card:

1. As a first step it is advisable to compare the datafeatured in your personal documentswith those registered in the Neptun study administration system, as thedata included in the application will be collated with the personalidentification and domicile records (a distinction should be made between longand short vowels, Neptun must also include the middle name, if any.)

2. In case of any discrepancy, the errors should be signalled to the study administratorand corrected.

3. Your applicationshould be submitted to a government Registration Office (in Hungarian „okmányiroda” – it is located in every district, near the localgovernment:, recommended one: 1051Budapest, Erzsébet tér 1-3.) where aso-called NEK form will be issued for you. The data on the NEK form should thenbe uploaded to Neptun. Documents requested at the Registration Office:passport, certificate of education.

4. In Neptun, go to “Administration/ Student Cardrequest/ Request type” to register your application.

5. You should type in your NEK identifier in the availablespace (using capital letters, without hyphens)

6. You should select the relevant type of demand (first application)

7. The Training field will feature the program withwhich the student signed in Neptun.

8. The address field should be completed with the permanent address(international students should select their home address, not their place of residencein Hungary)

9. A secondary institution: leave this field empty.

10. Application for the student card and its issuanceare free of charge, but if the card gets lost, the sticker is replaced for afee of HUF 3,500.

11.After submitting the application, the student mayrequest a temporary student card (valid for 60 days) at the Student AffairsOffice (the application was successful if a date appears in the field „Dispatchedto FIR” in the line of the submitted request).

12.The student card will be mailed to the university, your study coordinatorwill contact you once it arrives.

If you identify any error, please contact us on (kindly provide your Neptun code and a short description of theerror).

With kind regards,

Student Services

Neptun is the unifiededucation administration system used by CUB which allows you to perform anumber of administrative and functional duties during your university years, infact this is where you should handle them. Neptun among others is where youregister for subjects/courses and exams, where you can compile your calssschedule, register for active and passive semesters, pay tuition fees, examfees and other costs, submit requests, applications, select specialisations. Messages onscholarships disbursement are also displayed on this interface. The system stores the previoussubjects (courses), the number of exams you took in the given subject and thegrades you received. It also features informative materials and descriptions.Also, you might come across further functions as you progress in your studies.

Pursuant to Sections 59, 61 and 62 of the Regulationon Student Fees and Benefits of the Corvinus University of Budapest, payment byinstalments may only be requested by students commencing their second activesemester or any subsequent semesters. Payment by instalments is not granted inthe semester of enrolment.

The relevant regulation may be accessed on the subpage of the Rules ofOrganisation and Operation under „Regulation on Student Fees and Benefits” byclicking here

Payment Of Financial Obligations (Tuition Fee, Administrative Fees)
Fire and workplace safety training
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