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Székesfehérvár Campus – Physical Education


  • Classes can be made up only at the times specified! There is no crossover between classes due to the headcount restrictions. Monitor the news about make-up classes on the website/our Facebook page.
  • Classes are announced with smaller number of participants, in accordance with the relevant current regulations on participants. (Keeping 1.5 – 2 m distance, temperature check at the beginning of the class, lead by the instructor)
  • We pay special attention to the use of the changing rooms and the disinfection method. (in the changing rooms one student is directed to one bench, provision of hand sanitizer at the beginning and the end of the class)
  • Student’s declaration on the health condition is required. (Neptun)
  • In some classes, the use of thread gloves and the student’s own large towel is required – for further information see the course descriptions
  • Used pieces of sports equipment will be disinfected regularly before/after the classes.
Physical education is a CRITERION SUBJECT, of which means that two semesters have to be accomplished during the first 4 semesters.

Absences: max. 5 times per semester, three of which have to be made up.
The subject code for registration in Neptun for the 2nd semester of 2020-2021: TES_TESTNEVSZFF
Registration for the subject: Registration for the subject takes place in Neptun, students get a signature at the end of the semester. The course contains the following information: type of sport, day and time of the class, venue of the class, other information related to the class.
Equipment: Comfortable athletic clothes, athletic or gym shoes with cleans soles (we provide badminton rackets and balls), students are NOT required to bring their own mats for the conditioning exercise classes!
Exemption for health reasons:
Submission deadline: 28th February 2021
Please send the exemption certificate issued by a specialist physician via e-mail to Adrienn BALOGH ( +36-1-482-7193 )
The certificate shall include that the doctor recommends exemption from physical education, as well as the duration of the recommended period (the semester concerned, the entire academic year, etc.).
In Neptun, the student concerned shall register for the EÜ (exemption for health reasons) course within the physical education subject.
Athlete’s exemptions: Please submit it to Csaba Vladár, head of the Physical Education and Sport Center or send it via e-mail to Telephone: +36-1-482-7194 Mobile: +36-30-703­-4189!
  • Athlete’s exemption (Neptun code: SP) – subject to athletic activity pursued in first tier and national team, and another condition is participation in the Hungarian University and University-College National Championships (MEFOB) Submission deadline: 30th September
  • The university participates in the Hungarian University and University-College National Championships rather successfully, where students with athlete’s exemptions must represent the university. This is a condition of the signature.
  • In Neptun, the student concerned shall register for the SP (athlete’s exemption) course within the physical education subject.
In parallel programs: the exemption are arranged by the study offices.
If any student of the Székesfehérvár Campus has any problem during the semester, then contact physical education teacher Tamás Magony, telephone number: 70/6699-032 or via e-mail to

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