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First steps

Congratulations on your admission and welcome among the students of the Corvinus University of Budapest. Please, read the information below carefully that consists the first and most important steps of your admission process. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at

Enrollment and Orientation

The Enrollment is one of the most important requirement before starting your studies at Corvinus.

The Enrollment will take place between 30th and 2nd September 2021.


Enrollment Schedule

You can find below the detailed schedule of the Enrollment and Orientation Event.

The names are in alphabetical order (from -> to) by programs. If your name falls between the two domains in alphabetical order, it will be your group.

You can check the groups within each program. First look for your program and check the Qualification level in the second column. Then in the fourth column called „Student schedule” you will find two names from each group. Please look for the group where your surname is between these two names alphabetically (i.e.: if your surname is Kovács and the two name given are Balogh A – Nagy L then it is your group since K falls between B and N).


If the actual epidemic situation makes it possible, we are planning to organize the Enrollment and Orientation Event in the University building. You will have the possibility not only to complete your enrollment, but to participate on many interesting programs. (We reserve the right to change the program) You will receive the detailed program schedule shortly.

Entry check

When entering the building your documents will be checked. If you have all the necessary documents with you, then you can start your program straight away. If it turns out that you are missing any of your documents which is required for the Enrollment you will need to collect them before entering the building. This will ensure that no problems can occur when the enrollment time comes. Of course we encourage you to have all the necessary documents with you well-prepared and stored in a folder.


The colleagues of the Student Services department will help you to complete your enrollment. Please note, that without the enrollment you won’t be able to start your studies at Corvinus.

Orientation by your Study Programme Leader

You will be able to meet your Study Programme Leader who will provide you useful tips specific to your study programme.

Orientation by a HÖK representative

You will receive interesting and useful information on what subjects should you complete and how to organize your time to manage your semester successfully. The orientation will be held by another student who is studying at the same study programme as you.

Orientation on Study Administration and Student Matters

We collected the most important information what you need to know regarding the administrative procedures at Corvinus. An informative video will be played where you will learn about how to keep your student status, how to cover your finances, how to submit requests and many other topics which will make your student life easier. While the video will be in Hungarian, English subtitle will be provided, and you will also have access to the English version of the presentation.

Information stalls

If you have some specific questions on a topic, or you would like to collect general information, you can freely ask the representatives in the Information stalls at the main hall of the building. The full list of the available stalls will be uploaded shortly.

Campus Tour

We will close the program with a Campus Tour where you can discover the buildings of Corvinus.

Necessary Documents

During the official enrolment, all freshman students must submit the following original documents and a photocopy.

If any of the documents below are missing when you come to enroll (exceptions: residence permit, tax ID, TAJ card, bank account) then you will be able to enroll at a later date!

How you can find us

  • The central campus of the university used to be the Customs House of Budapest. You can get to Building E on Fővám Square (8 Fővám tér, 1093 Budapest) by trams 2, 47, 49, by trolley bus 83, by bus 15 or underground 4. The Salt House (13-15 Fővám tér, 1093 Budapest) can also be reached by using the same lines. As for Building (4-6 Közraktár u, 1093 Budapest), bus 15 and trolleybus 83 have a stop nearby.
  • The Székesfehérvár campus (43 Budai út, 8000 Székesfehérvár) can be reached by getting on any of buses 14, 22, 23, 23E, 31E, 41, 42 or 44.

Requesting a student card

Please take note of the fact that a student card may only be requested by students who have enrolled and have established a student status with the university.

This is how you can apply for a student card: 

  • As a first step it is advisable to compare the data featured in your personal documents with those registered in the Neptun study administration system, as the data included in the application will be collated with the personal identification and domicile records (a distinction should be made between long and short vowels, Neptun must also include the middle name, if any.)
  • In case of any discrepancy, the errors should be signalled to the study administrator and corrected.
  • Your application should be submitted to a government Registration Office (in Hungarian „okmányiroda” – it is located in every district, near the local government:, recommended one: 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 1-3.) where a so-called NEK form will be issued for you. The data on the NEK form should then be uploaded to Neptun. Documents requested at the Registration Office: passport, certificate of education.
  • In Neptun, go to “Administration/ Student Card request/ Request type” to register your application.
  • You should type in your NEK identifier in the available space (using capital letters, without hyphens)
  • You should select the relevant type of demand (first application)
  • The Training field will feature the program with which the student signed in Neptun.
  • The address field should be completed with the permanent address (international students should select their home address, not their place of residence in Hungary)
  • A secondary institution: leave this field empty.
  • Application for the student card and its issuance are free of charge, but if the card gets lost, the sticker is replaced for a fee of HUF 3,500.
  • After submitting the application, the student may request a temporary student card (valid for 60 days) at the Student Affairs Office (the application was successful if a date appears in the field „Dispatched to FIR” in the line of the submitted request).
  • The student card will be mailed to the university, your study coordinator will contact you once it arrives. If you identify any error, please contact us on (kindly provide your Neptun code and a short description of the error).

Payment information

Items to be paid at the university can be completed in the Neptun system as follows:

  1. all payment obligations in HUF and EUR can be fulfilled in the Neptun system with joint account payment,
  2. all other HUF-based payment obligation with the exception of the deposit item may be fulfilled in the Neptun system either by joint account or by SimplePay payment.

Payment by Joint account

    Account holder’s name: Neptun gyűjtőszámla
    Account holder’s bank account number: 11784009-22229913-00000000
    First row of Message(transfer comment): NK-NEPTUNCODE(space)NAME
    Account holder’s name: Neptun gyűjtőszámla
    Account holder’s bank account number: HU93117638420068788100000000
    First row of Message(transfer comment): NK-NEPTUNCODE(space)NAME

Charging the joint account
The required funds must always be transferred by the student by bank transfer from an identifiable account number to the above account number. We decline all other forms of transfer (post cheque, cash payment, VIBER transfer), and for security reasons, we cannot accept complaints. Any adverse effects of the resulting administrative tasks are the student’s responsibility. Sending the exact message as defined above is essential for the identification of the transferred sum.
The first character of the message cannot be a space. The first characters of the first row of the message must be the prefix ’NK-’ then, continuously, the student’s Neptun code – paying attention to not mixing up the 0 and o characters – then a space, and the student’s name. Unfortunately, non-identifiable items are transferred back.
At least one working day is required from the day of the bank transfer to registering the credit in the Neptun system.
This transfer time should be considered especially in the exam period, where the difference between exam days may only be a couple of days, therefore the cover for any expected items should be pre-transferred in advance.

Actual payment
The transfer to the joint account does not signify an actual payment, that must be made by the student in the Neptun system.
Students find their issued items in the „Pénzügyek/Befizetés” (Finances/Payment) menu. The account balance of your joint account appears above your filters (semester, status), therefore you can easily check whether you have sufficient coverage for your items. In the filter part, you can select which items (liabilities) to display. Currently you can filter the list by the status of the issued items by pressing “Listázás” (List). By selecting the check box next to the items to settle, then clicking „Befizet” (Pay in), then „Gyűjtőszámlás fizetés” (Joint account payment) and „Befizet” (Pay in) again, the issued items will be settled immediately.

Executing invoice items

  • Students may request an invoice for the executed items at any later point by submitting the „Számlakérő” (Invoice request) form at the Bevételi Pénzügyi Iroda (Revenue Office) or by sending the scanned form to
  • If the item is active (unpaid), the following protocol must be followed: The „Számlakérő” (Invoice Request) form, completed by the employer shall be posted to the Revenue Office (BCE, Bevételi Pénzügyi Iroda, Fővám tér 8.) or scanned and e-mailed to
    The invoice is prepared by the Revenue Office according to the employer’s request; the payment deadline will match the issued item’s payment deadline. Therefore bank transfer invoice may be issued on the payment deadline at most (in this case, all three dates will be the same: the fulfilment date, the invoicing date, and the payment deadline). The payment deadline cannot extended by requesting an invoice. The appropriate sum shall be transferred to the indicated bank account number (11784009-22229896-00000000).
    The active financial liability item, for which an invoice has been made, cannot be settled using the joint account.

Payback to the University using the joint account
Any items to be paid back to the university must be settled using the joint account, previously charged as described above. Any items to be paid back are found in the “Pénzügyek/Befizetés” (Finances/PAyment) menu by pressing the „Visszafizetés”(Pay back) button. By selecting the check box next to the items to settle, then clicking „Befizet” (Pay in), then „Gyűjtőszámlás fizetés” (Joint account payment) and „Befizet” (Pay in) again, the issued items will be settled immediately. Students may only apply for courses and exams if they have no outstanding debts towards the university.

Initiating the retransfer from the joint account to the student’s bank account
The account balance may be constantly monitored in Neptun, and if the student decides to, money may be re- transferred to the HUF based bank account registered in Neptun. This may be requested in the „Pénzügyek, Tranzakciós lista” (Finances/Transaction list) menu, setting the „Gyűjtőszámla” (Joint account) filter, and pressing „Visszautalás” (Transfer back) on the following interface. Input the requested sum, chose the account number, and press „Visszautalás” (Transfer back) to request the transaction, then the University approves and fulfills it.
Before initiating a retransfer, check whether a suitable account number is registered in Neptun. If the account number is to be modified, the student administrator can change it.

Issuing an item
The payment process always starts by issuing the payment item in Neptun.
If a repeated exam (IV) cost is issued, click on „Tétel kiírás”(Transcribe item) in the „Pénzügyek/Befizetés” (Finances/Payment) menu. Choose the title IV in the window, then the subject that the exam belongs to. The payment due, i.e. the sum of the issued item is calculated automatically by the system. Afterwards, the item shall be settled as described above.
All payments other than repeated exam (IV) and physical education payments (i.e. tuition fees, special procedure fees, service charges) may only be issued by the student service clerk.

Erroneously issued items may be deleted. However, students may only delete items issued by themselves. If the student finds an item issued by the student service clerk unjustified, they must get in touch with the Registrar’s Office, as they may only apply to courses/exams if they have no outstanding debt to the University.
You can continuously monitor your issued items and their status, and list your ‘active’ and ‘settled’ debts in the
„Pénzügyek/Befizetés” (Finances/Payment) menu in Neptun.

The Simplepay payment method
Details of the application:
• Only the exact sum of the issued item may be settled, paying in instalments is not possible.
• One transaction may be used to settle multiple items.
• The student must have an e-mail address in Neptun.
• Any card capable of online payment may be used, installing the Simple app is not required.

• The status of the item becomes settled immediately.
• The student receives an e-mail if the settlement is successful.
• If the settlement is not successful, the student may make inquiries at the SimplePay customer service referencing the SimplePay ID.

In the Neptun system, students can find their payment obligations in HUF under the „Pénzügyek/Befizetés” (Finances/Payment) menu.
Select the check box next to the item you want to settle and click on the „Befizet” (Pay in) button „Biztosan befizeti?”,(Are you sure to pay in?). If you answer yes to the question, select the “SimplePay” card payment in the interface that appears, and press the „Befizet” (Pay in) button again, you will be redirected to the SimplePay page website.

The data transfer declaration must be confirmed.

  1. payment option
    a. Type in the bank card details, then press „FIZETEK” („PAY”).
  2. payment option
    a. Sign in to your Simple account using a Facebook account, Google account, or e-mail address and password. After signing in, saved cards may be viewed, and new cards may be saved.
    The student receives an e-mail if the settlement is successful.
    If the settlement is not successful, the student may make inquiries at the SimplePay customer service referencing the SimplePay ID in the feedback message.
Neptun based financial tasks brochure

IT Systems


Neptun is the unified education administration system used by CUB which allows you to perform a number of administrative and functional duties during your university years, in fact this is where you should handle them. Neptun among others is where you register for subjects/courses and exams, where you can compile your calss schedule, register for active and passive semesters, pay tuition fees, exam fees and other costs, submit requests, applications, select specialisations. Messages on scholarships disbursement are also displayed on this interface. The system stores the previous subjects (courses), the number of exams you took in the given subject and the grades you received. It also features informative materials and descriptions. Also, you might come across further functions as you progress in your studies.

Fire Safety and Accident Prevention

Before starting your semester, you must complete the Fire Safety and Accident Prevention Course, which is a 10-minute-long presentation.

Please be aware that the completion of the course will be only registered if you press “Next” and at the end of the last slide you press “Close of online course

You must complete the course to be eligible for enrolling to the University, so please do it at your earliest convenience, but latest before you Enrollment date.

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