Széchenyi 2020
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First steps, enrolment

Everything you have to know about enrolment.
Information on the university buildings, their location and how to get there.
When do week zero and term-time begin and how long do they last, when are the intensive weeks, the breaks, the exam period and the freshman ball scheduled.
Information on the university e-mail address and on the CUSMAN system and access.
Are you afraid of missing something that was said during a lecture? Do not worry, a lot of course materials are available on Moodle by semester.
You have no idea about when you can ask questions about your studies, internship or international matters? You will find the answers under the following heading.
Would you like to live in one of our dormitories? Find describtions of the three dormitories and applications here.
We have collected information on the costs you are likely to incur during your university years (e.g. tuition fee, foreign language contribution etc…) as well as the different aid mechanisms and how to apply for them.
Details about the Opening Ceremony of the new academic year will be posted soon. We will send out a letter with the details of the Opening Ceremony and the relevant information will also be posted on the website. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience.
The ISZK (IT Service Centre) is there to assist you in registering for the various university platforms as well as provides useful information on the educational system and the distance education portal.
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