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Preparatory Program

The complex Preparatory Program of Corvinus University of Budapest (PPCUB) prepares participants, future students of Corvinus University for admission to BA, MA and MSc study programs, and the high performance expected in academic programs offered by the University.

The program is located in the University building providing very high quality learning environment for preparatory students who are integrated into the internationalstudent community.

PPCUB covers intensive English language training, Hungarian language training, as well as specialized professional preparation, according to the selected university program, as well as other supplementary services, like tutoring, mentoring and counselling. We ensure a culturally and socially beneficial study period in Hungary.

Please consider that Corvinus University is a higher education institution with high international prestige and accordingly high admission scores for its most popular BA and MA study programs in Economics, Business, International Relationsand Communication and Media. Therefore, only very good secondary school results and high level English can make the application realistic. Those interested in applying for International Economics and Business Ma are also welcome to participate.

The program is tailored to the specific needs of the participants in the group and prepares them for the admission requirements. Students are registered in the Neptun, the Hungarian student registration system, and receive grades in each subject at the end of the terms. The completion of the Preparatory Program highly contributes to the knowledge and skills of the participant to satisfy the admission requirements, but it does not replace the official application procedure, and the admission is competitive.

If you want to know more about the program, or prices, please click here.

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