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Corporate and Business Relations

As the division responsible for Corporate and Business Relations, our work is centred around establishing, coordinating and managing productive connections between the university and market actors. Since being merged with the Alumni Group in October 2020, our division also works on building the university’s alumni network and supporting students in their careers. Our ultimate goal is ensuring that the Corvinus University of Budapest plays a central role in the social and economic development of Hungary. To achieve this, we must work closely together with our successful alumni members and the SMEs, corporations and institutions that operate in the country.

In order to guarantee that our students gain practical knowledge, we have partnered with a variety of companies who participate in research, innovation, production and sales. Through this, we build a bridge between our highly educated students and the business sector.

Our alumni strategy is centred around the main goal of developing a community of professionals, that is unique in CEE region. Members of this community could assist each other by sharing their knowledge, experiences and using the networks they have built. Not only would such a community enable them to support fellow alumni, this would also significantly benefit current students and the university’s educational and research activities as a whole. Having a well-structured alumni community could even make overcoming social, economic and technological challenges that our nation faces easier. We plan to achieve this through building a formalized alumni community, helping students advance their careers and offering them lifelong learning opportunities.

While our students are a priority in most projects of the division, we see giving back to our corporate partners as a fundamental part of what we do. Therefore, we made it our mission to make our academic resources available to the companies that choose to work together with the university. Through this, we can make a meaningful contribution to the research-based transformation and development of our national economy. 

Stukovszky Tamás Elnöki Szervezet / Vállalati és Intézményi Kapcsolatok
Vezető / Head of Department
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Árva-Tóth Szilvia Elnöki Szervezet / Vállalati és Intézményi Kapcsolatok
Értékesítési munkatárs / Sales Associate
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Mr. Dirner Ádám Miklós
E épület
Phone: +36 1 482 5370
Held Imre Elnöki Szervezet / Vállalati és Intézményi Kapcsolatok
Projekt főkoordinátor, Szakmai főtanácsadó / Senior Project Coordinator, Senior Professional Advisor
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Hoffer Csaba Elnöki Szervezet / Vállalati és Intézményi Kapcsolatok
Értékesítést támogató munkatárs
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Sándor Zoltán Elnöki Szervezet / Vállalati és Intézményi Kapcsolatok
Key Account Manager
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Tóth Tímea Elnöki Szervezet / Vállalati és Intézményi Kapcsolatok
Adminisztrációs Koordinátor / Adminsitrative Coordinator
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Ext: 7752
Vörös Dávid Elnöki Szervezet / Vállalati és Intézményi Kapcsolatok
Adatbázis fejlesztő és KKV Key Account Manager / Database Developer and SME Key Account Manager
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