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The Marketingcommunications Team’s main responsibility isthe planning of the marketingcommunications strategy of the University, as wellas active participation in the development of the Corvinus brand and thecreation of strategies with such goal. They are also resposible for the management ofthe University’s promotional products as well as events organized by CorvinusCommunications. The Marketingcommunications Team also oversees the tasks andprocesses related to the image of the University, coordinates and enforces therelated University policies. Keeping themselves to this image, the Team alsosupports other University bodies with graphic designs.
Rizek Gyöngyi Presidency / Communication
Marketing szakértő / Marketing expert
C épület, 216
Saroková Alexandra Presidency / Communication
C épület, 218
Bublik Zita Krisztina Presidency / Communication
Grafikus / Graphic
C épület, 218
Kiss Bernadett Presidency / Communication
Rendezvényszervező / Assistant Event Organiser
C épület, 218
Benyovszky Ádám Barnabás Presidency / Communication
Marketingkommunikációs asszisztens/ Assistant Marketing communications
C épület, 218
Szilágyi Anna Presidency / Communication
Grafikus gyakornok
C épület, 218
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