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Székesfehérvár Campus

Béla Horváth

Béla Horváth studied at the University ofSzeged and at the Budapest Business School and afterwards worked at severalplace as logistics and project manager, both in the private and in theuniversity sector. He works at the Corvinus University of Budapest since 2014and is Campus Director of the Székesfehérvár Campus since 2016.

As CampusDirector, his roles include the operation of the Campus’ infrastructure, theplanning of its finances, including procurement, business administration andmanagement of its premises. He is also responsible for student services, asstudent administration and the operation of the dormitory, and he keeps contactwith the municipality and corporate partners.


Horváth Béla Chancellery / Infrastructural Services / Székesfehérvár Campus Directorate
Campus Igazgató / Campus Director
Székesfehérvár, Budai út 43. A 107
Phone: +36-30-171-3815
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