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Közgáz Campus

Ákos Tiringer

Ákos Tiringer is the Közgáz CampusDirector of the Corvinus University of Budapest. He obtained his degree inEngineering and Media at the College of Dunaújváros in 2005 . From 2005 heworked as event and facility coordinator and manager of the College of Dunaújváros. He acted as Head of the EventOrganisation Office of the Corvinus Közgáz Campus from 2013, he has been CampusDirector since 2015.

Besidesmanaging the organisational units of the Közgáz Campus, he is also member ofthe professional evaluation committee in charge of deciding on publicprocurement contracts related to these units. He is also responsible for operatingand maintaining the facilities falling within the scope of the Campus Directoras well as for preparing the budget of Közgáz Campus.   


Tiringer Ákos Chancellery / Infrastructural Services / Közgáz Campus Directorate
Campus Igazgató / Campus Director
E épület, E.77/a
Phone: +36 1 482 5334 • Ext: 5334
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