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HR management

Zsuzsanna Csenterics Arnold


Csenterics acts as HR leader ofthe University since January 1, 2020. To her, human resource management is aprofession which she has been following for 35 years with strong dedication and asense of mission. Throughout these years, she spent a great amount of time as HRleader at major organizations, focusing on their organizationaltransformations. As HR director, she played an important role in theprivatization of Magyar Hitelbank during the time of the Hungarian regimechange and in laying down the organizational foundations of the Hungariansubsidiary of ABN AMRO Bank. From 2001 to 2013 she acted as executive director atthe Central Bank of Hungary, where until the country’s 2004 adhesion to the EU, she worked on the management of the changes resulting from the adhesion, andafterwards, the main challenge of her role was to align the organizational andprofessional processes to the best practices of other central banks of EUcountries. From April 2013 until joining Corvinus University, she worked as HRand organizational development and HR consultant. In those almost seven years, she provided assistance to a variety of clients, in the first period focusing onlarge companies, the transformation of their HR processes based on theUlrich Model the development of the involvement as HR Business Partners. Lateron, this portfolio was also extended by providing strategic HR services tosmall and medium-sized companies. Furthermore, she frequently participated in thetraining of new HR associates as part of university courses and trainings.


Csentericsné Arnold Zsuzsanna Presidency / HR
HR vezető / Head of HR
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