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Ildikó Such

IldikóSuch completed her higher education studies at the Tessedik Sámuel College and atthe University of Szeged. She has been working for Corvinus since 2004, firstas a Controlling assistant and manager, later as Deputy Finance Director and FinanceDirector. In 2009 she received the Worker of the Year award, in 2016 she wasawarded the university’s Commemorative Medal.
Since2014 she has served as Director of Economic Affairs and later Head of FinancialAffairs. Her duties include managing her unit, preparing the university’sbudget, supervising its implementation, and payroll management. She is also incharge of the administration of the university’s management, accounting systemsas well as financial countersigning. 


Such Ildikó Chancellery / Finance
Pénzügyi vezető / Head of Finance
C épület, 608
Phone: +36 1 482 7101 • Ext: 7101
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