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Corporate and Institutional Relations

Tamás Stukovszky

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TamásStukovszky economist completed his undergraduate education in Applied Economicsin 2010, then earned an MA in International Economy and Business in 2012 atCorvinus University. He will be defending his PhD thesis at the InternationalRelations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School of Corvinus during 2020. He worked forvarious international and Hungarian subsidiaries of Knorr-Bremse Ltd for 13years, between 2012 and 2019 he served as Director in charge of SMEs, between 2019and 2020 he acted as Manager  of theIndustry 4.0 Programme at the IFKA PublicBenefit Non-profit Limited Company. Since 2018 he has been ministerial advisorto Professor Dr. László Palkovics at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.He was appointed Vice-President of the Corvinus University of Budapest inJanuary 2020and is also in charge of Corporate and Institutional Relations.

Therenewal of the Corvinus University of Budapest, its shifting accent towardsmarket needs has resulted in the need to strengthen the corporate andinstitutional relations of the university. As Head of Corporate andInstitutional Relations, Tamás Stukovszky considers the development ofrelations between the university on the one hand and firms, small and mediumenterprises and institutions on the other, as his key responsibility. He is incharge of coordinating cooperation with firms and economic entities involved inresearch, innovation, production and marketing. 


Stukovszky Tamás Elnöki Szervezet / Vállalati és Intézményi Kapcsolatok
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