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Centre of Foreign Language Education and Research

Ágota Dobos

Dobos gained her secondary school leaving certificate from I. István Grammar School inBudapest, then she was admitted to the Faculty of Humanities at ELTE, where she obtained a diploma in English and Russian language and literature, which she later extended with a higher education foreign trade and trainerqualifications. Her professional career is related to higher education, morespecifically the College of Public Administration and its successorinstitutions, including the Budapest University of Public and StateAdministration, and to this day Corvinus University of Budapest.

As an English languageteacher and head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at the College ofPublic Administration and the Faculty of Economics, Dobos was involved in thedevelopment of university teaching of the technical terms in economics, thedevelopment of the special language syllabus and vocabulary as well as thematerials used in legal and public administration language exams. She has beeninvolved in the writing, management and implementation of numerousinternational and domestic applications, gaining extensive internationalexperience in working with European partner institutions, in European projectmanagement theory and practice, which she now uses mainly in her expert work.

Since2007, she have been working as a language teacher at the Corvinus University’sFaculty of Social Sciences and as Director of the Centre for Foreign LanguageTeaching and Research (IOK), performing executive tasks in the implementationof the language training at the Pest and Székesfehérvár campuses of theUniversity. At the University’s Faculty of Social Sciences and InternationalRelations, she launched a complex International Preparatory Programme in 2012. Bynow it has fully integrated into the IOK training system.

Based on mymethodological background and interest in her language teaching career, she becamea trainer for practice-oriented competence developing continuing education andleadership training for civil service professionals in the mid-nineties, whichalso became a major area of ​​her scientific interest, primarily in theHungarian-US comparative aspects which she could study and research in two longerstudy trips to the United States and in Hungarian projects. In 2012, she earned aPhD degree with summa cum laude. Her dissertation “Methods and Techniques forAdult Education in the American Public Service – Adaptation Opportunities” aswell as her publications in Hungarian and English on interactive adult learning/trainingmethods, learning environment, civic participation, etc. indicate thecultivation of this research direction. The Business Vocational Trainer Englishpostgraduate specialisation programme is a synthesis of the experience gainedas a language teacher and trainer in which she also participate as a specialistleader and teacher. 


Dr. Dobos Ágota Academic Organisation / / Centre of Foreign Language Education
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