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Institute of Mathematics and Statistical Modelling

Kolos Csaba Ágoston

Kolos Csaba Ágoston graduated as a financialmathematician (actuarian) from the legal predecessor of Corvinus in 1998. Aftergraduation he briefly worked as an actuarian and data analyst in the businesssector, but was more attracted to an academic career. He defended his doctoralthesis in 2004. He has been lecturing at the Corvinus University of Budapestsince 2001, where he is currently associate professor. He teaches subjectsassociated with actuarial training as well as data analysis and operationalresearch. He habilitated in 2019.  He is a founding member of the DoctoralSchool of Business Informatics, member of the Hungarian Operations ResearchSociety and of the Hungarian Actuarial Society.

As of 2020 Kolos Csaba Ágoston has been Director of the Institute ofMathematics and Statistical Modelling. The institute engages in professionaleconomic modelling and is committed to transferring the relevant knowledge to itsstudents by teaching subjects in Mathematics, Statistics and OperationsResearch that are indispensable for economic and social analyses. Mathematicsand quantitative analysis are becoming increasingly important in understandingthe globalized world. Besides transmitting the relevant quantitative skills,the Institute is also active in research, a priority that should be maintainedand further developed. 


Ágoston Kolos Csaba Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Modelling
Egyetemi docens, Intézetigazgató / Associate Professor, Institute Director
Sóház, 202/A
Phone: +36 1 482 7450 • Ext: 7450
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