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Institute of Information Technology

Andrea Kő

Prof. Dr. Andrea Kő,professor is the Head of the Institute of Informatics, Corvinus University ofBudapest. She has been Programme Director at the BCE Doctoral School ofBusiness Informatics since 2014. She has been responsible for the PostgraduateBusiness Data Analyst programme since 2016. She obtained her MSc degree inmathematics and physics from ELTE in 1988 and received a doctorate title incomputer science from the Budapest University of Economics in 1992. Shedefended her PhD in Management and Organisational Sciences at CorvinusUniversity of Budapest in 2005; in 2012 she habilitated from the computerscience field. She is a member of ISACA International and HungarianOrganisation (Academic Advocate). Dr. Kő is a member of the board of theBusiness Informatics Research and Training Forum (NJSZT professionalorganisation). 


dr. Kő Andrea Rektori szervezet / Informatika Intézet
Intézetvezető, Egyetemi tanár / Head of Institute, Professor
Sóház, S.120
Phone: +36 1 482 7416 • Ext: 7416
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