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Institute of Finance, Accounting and Business Law

János Lukács

János Lukács graduated from the legalpredecessor of Corvinus as economy teacher, and after a three-year-longscholarship program, he became an assistant professor at the Department ofAccounting, and he became its head in 2001. A crucial product of this periodwere the books, Business Management Accounting, the Case Studies in Accountingand the Special Questions of Accounting. Besides his role as programcoordinator, he led several research project, aiming at decreasing thecorporate administrative burden and the initiation of tax reforms. He was thepresident of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors for eight years and thepresident of the Association of Hungarian Professional Chambers for four years.

He is currently the Head of the Finance,Accounting and Business Law Institute of the University, therefore it’s hisduty to coordinate the scientific, educational and research work of theInstitute, to coordinate its administrative and economic processes, representthe Insitute at University forums. As Head of the Insitute, he cooperates withthe program coordinators in the accreditation of the programs, their curricula,the preparation of vocational and scientific programs.


Dr. Lukács János Institute of Finance, Accounting and Business Law
Egyetemi tanár, Intézetvezető / Professor, Head of Institute
E épület, 317.1, E.317.2
Phone: +36 1 482 5040 • Ext: 5040, 5082
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