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Institute of Economics

Since 2019, Klára Major has been the head ofthe Institute of Economics, associate professor, and a core member of theDoctoral School of General and Quantitative Economics. He has been teaching atthe university with interruptions since 1995. He received his PhD from CorvinusUniversity in 2003 under the title “Dynamics of International IncomeInequality”. 

Since 1995, he has been teaching macroeconomics and internationaleconomics at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and related courses (suchas growth theory, macroeconomic applications of numerical methods). Between2013 and 2016, he was an employee of the Hétfa Research Institute and thenresearch director. During this period, she develops the Hétfa CGE model to estimatethe effects of EU subsidies in Hungary. His research focuses on theapplications of macroeconomic modelling and empirics.


Dr. Major Klára Rektori szervezet / Közgazdaságtan Intézet
Intézetvezető egyetemi docens / Head of Institute, Associate Professor
E épület, 224
Phone: +36 1 482 5367 • Ext: 5367
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