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Institute of Finance, Accounting and Business Law

Welcome to the page of the Institute of Finance, Accounting and Business Law

Our institute was founded in 2004 by merging four departmentsfamous for their high quality training and intensive corporate networkingactivities, and infamous for their strict testing methodologies – the Department of Finance, the Departmentof Managerial Accounting and the Department of Financial Accounting, in thehope of joining the previously fragmented research areas and harnessing synergy.The first Head of our Department was Tamás Bánfi, followed by János Bosnyák,and in 2012, János Lukács. Owing to the Bologna process our institute becameresponsible for the then launched Finance and Accounting Bachelor’s programme,and two Master’s Programmes (Finance and Accounting in Hungarian and inEnglish). Then the Department of Business Law and the Business Ethics Center joinedus, so at the moment we have nearly eighty teaching and researching staff inareas of macro and micro finances, accounting, taxation, corporate andcontracts law, controlling and business ethics. We advocate establishing dualcourses both on Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

One of the main goals of the Institute is to preparethe students with up-to-date expertise that meet the global requirements ineconomics, factual and methodological knowledge in finance and accounting applications,which will make them capable of establishing and using factual data, raising skillcapital as organisational assets, understanding, operating and developing financialand accounting systems, making strategic decisions, applying up-to-dateplanning, management, accounting and controlling procedures and methods,formulating organizational settings, reviewing and operating of informationsystems of international, national and regional enterprises, the evaluation oftheir development goals and offering recommendations, coordinating negotiatingprocesses. We put an emphasis on improving the students’ critical thinking andcommunication skills as well as on talent management – as proven by the manysuccessful scientific student papers, student contests, the high number of PhDstudents and teaching assistants. The departments of the Institute keepupdating their teaching materials based on the national and global scientificliterature. Many of our instructors teach in foreign languages too, and takepart in organising international conferences and research projects as well as contributingto Hungarian and international publications. We also have a Finance Laboratory(FinLab) and a double function Accounting Laboratory (AccLab), unique in theregion.

Our Departments:

  • Business Ethics Center
  • Department of Business Law
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Financial Accounting
  • Department of Managerial Accounting
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