Széchenyi 2020
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Institute of Communication and Sociology

The Institute of Communication and Sociology wasset up on February 1st 2020 by merging the Institute of Behavioural Science andCommunication Theory,  and the Instituteof Sociology and Social Policy.


Professor Dr. habil Petra Katalin Aczél

Departments of the Institute:

Communication and Media Studies (head: Dr. Ágnes Veszelszki,associate professor)

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Department (head: Dr. Judit Sass,associate professor)

Sociology and Social Sciences Department (head: Dr. Tamás Bartus,professor)

Members of the Institute Board:

Dr. Tamás Bartus, DOS for Sociology Bachelor’s courses

Dr. Réka Benczes, DOS for Communication and Media Master’scourses

Dr. Beáta Nagy, DOS for Sociology Master’s course

Dr. Judit Sass, Head of Psychology and BehaviouralSciences Department

Dr. Ágnes Veszelszki, DOS for Communication and MediaBachelor’s courses

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