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For Current Students – Schedule, Curriculum, Thesis Seminar

Schedule of Public Policy and MAnagement 2020_2021

Curriculum of Public Policy and MAnagement 2020_2021

Calendar for the 2020 2021 academic year general schedule
Dear Second-Year- Students,

We suggest to develop a Thesis Topic and identify your supervisor or discuss the planned topic with intended supervisor  by 28th of September 2020.
You can read the list of Thesis Topics of the Programme below. Please read our Thesis Regulations it contains important information about the Thesis Seminar and the Thesis work itself.

           If youare NOT able to agree on the topic with any of the professors until 28th ofSeptember,  briefly describe (in 1-3 sentences) your preferred seminar/thesis topics. Ifyou have some preference of the supervising lecturer, please indicate theirname. Send it to email address. In thesubject write „Topic selection for thesis seminar application”. Theseapplications – according to the possibilities taking into considerationstudents’ preferences (but not necessarily completely!) – will be proceeded bythe Department. In other words, for these students, who didn’t find asupervisor by 28th September 2020, the Department will assign a supervisor (andmore specific topic.

How to hand in your application for a Thesis Topic to a Supervisor

1. Browse the Topics ofThesis Seminars announced for the current academic year (also on the website)and consult the professor you wouldlike to choose as a Thesis Supervisor.

2. If theprofessor accepts you as a Suprvisor, writea brief description (1000-2000 characters) of your thesis topic. Its contentshould follow the specifications laid down in the Thesis Guidelines. Get it accepted by your chosen ThesisSupervisor.

3. As a nextstep, fill in the application formbelow, electronically.

4.. Send thedocument to your chosen Thesis supervisor, who will accept it in anemail.

5.. Send the email of the approval of the Supervisor,together with the application form to: with the Subject: Thesis Seminar application

7.. The deadline for sending application form is 28th of September 2020

8. The deadline for sending your thesis topics if you couldnt find a supervisor is also 28th of September 2020 

8.. The final decision aboutthe acceptance of your application will be made by the Head of the Programme (Prof. Bartha).

9.. After his approval you will be registered inneptun to the course of your Thesis Supervisor. Important: Cour 

Public Policy and Management MSc Thesis Seminar Topics 2020
Thesis REgulation PUMA

Thesis Seminar Application PUMA 2020
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