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Entrance exam materials

Dear Students,

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For any information regarding the programs please write to the address of the Department of Public Policy and Management or to the contact persons listed at the end of the descriptions below.

Public Policy and Management

For the description of the entrance exam as well as the topics for the exam please see the document below.

For further questions please contact:

Ms Iga Jeziorska academic coordinator at 

Description of the entrance exam and topics

Topics for the Entrance Exam_PUMA_2021

Economics of Family Policy and Public Policies for Human Development

Reading list for the oral entrance exam – you can download the articles below.

Lohmann, Henning; Zagel, Hannah (2016) Family policy in comparative perspective: the concepts and measurement of familization and defamilization. Journal of European Social Policy 26(1): 48-65.
Bongaarts, John (2017) Africa’s unique fertility transition. Population and Development Review, 43 (Supplement S1): 39-58.


Ms Ivett Szalma, associate professor,
Prof. Károly Mike, Head of Programme,


Family policy reading 2
Family policy reading 1
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