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The teaching profile of the Department consists primarily of thedesigning, development and validation of Information Systems in accordance tobusiness needs, focusing first and foremost on the business technology aspect:computer and network architecture, operational systems, software engineering,system engineering, development of mobile and web applications, databasemanagement.

      In consistence to ourprofile, Business Informatics, both on BSc and MA levels, has been built up fromthe educational portfolio aforementioned. Business Informatics students canchoose from a variety of vision broadening and base subjects, such as ApplicationDevelopment, User Interfaces and Business Logics while the courses of AppliedInformatics – Spreadsheet Models in Business, Internet (Webpage creation) andDatabase Management in Practise are available for every student across thefaculty.

      The Department is also responsiblefor the management of many ongoing base subjects that are available withindifferent programmes, granting education to more than 1000 students on a yearlybasis. The topics of the researches that are being conducted by the departmentare connected to its profile as well. The department can show fascinatingresults in areas such as Data Mining, Optimizing Algorithms, StochasticModelling, E-government and Supply Chain Management. The associates of thedepartment are also taking part in local and international tenders regularly.

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