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Corvinus Renewal Program

The vision of the Corvinus University of Budapest which, from 1 July 2019 has been maintained by a foundation, is to become the best university in the field of economic and social sciences in the Central and Eastern European region by 2030. It is the mission of Corvinus University to train the responsible economic and social elite of twenty-first century Hungary and the region. In order to achieve these strategic objectives, the University is working on the renewal of the University through ten Renewal Projects, led by subject area leaders and with the widest possible involvement of relevant colleagues.

The results of recent years in figures:

The Renewal Programme is Corvinus University’s action plan for 2021-2023. The Programme draws heavily on the strategic planning process of the year preceding the change of maintainer, the experience of the period since the change of maintainer, the results and feedback from the management workshops, institute workshops and specialised offline and online forums held over the past year or more, as well as the knowledge accumulated during the national and international accreditation processes. In the Programme’s understanding, strategic action is an open process that constantly responds to feedback from the community and changes in the outside world.

Principles of renewal

Stable frames
The Renewal Program does not change the basic framework of the University’s operation: in the long run, the University will remain a medium-sized institution with an economic and social science focus on a European scale.

Tradition and spiritual diversity
The Renewal Program builds on the intellectual traditions, community values, organizational experience, and mutually fertile cooperation of the fields of economics, economics and social sciences.

The principle of the Renewal Program is that the University strives to respond to the innovations of the outside world, to channel them, and at the same time to release its internal innovative energies. The joint innovations of the cross-disciplinary, teaching-research community and students are of paramount importance.

International standard
The principle of the Renewal Program is that the measure of the performance of both the University as a whole and its university citizens is at the international forefront.

Measurement and development
The principle of the Renewal Program is that it is necessary to measure the results of the activities taking place at the university (individual achievements, educational programs, research), and the results of the measurement must be systematically incorporated into individual and organizational development ideas.

Participation and involvement
The Renewal Program is open to all university citizens, and the University consciously monitors the maintenance and development of forums and mechanisms for participation and involvement.

The principles and practical steps of the Renewal Program are known to university citizens.

The principle of the Renewal Program is that the University should strive for long-term sustainable operation, financial and community balance.

Strategic goals of renewal

Regionally outstanding educational programs
We would like to offer our Hungarian and international students outstanding educational programs at the regional level, after which they can choose from the best job offers in the business world, public administration, academia or the civil sphere.

Internationally recognized research results, innovative knowledge projects
Renewable Corvinus aims to continuously increase the number of internationally recognized, socially relevant research findings. We plan to implement future-oriented, innovative knowledge projects with the largest, most dynamically developing companies and key public institutions and social organizations.

Interdisciplinary intellectual renewal
An important historical tradition of the Corvinus University of Budapest is the interdisciplinary approach. In the transformation of our trainings and the creation of our new trainings, we will continue to strive to break down the boundaries of our fields, as the labor market of the 21st century needs highly qualified professionals who are familiar with moving at the borders of several disciplines.

Internationally excellent, dedicated faculty-researchers
Our goal is to call home Hungarian economists and social scientists working at excellent universities abroad, as well as to attract young, emerging and already proven foreign scientists to Budapest. And we provide colleagues working at the University with the opportunity for continuous development.

Enthusiastic, talented Corvinus-bound students and alumni
We want enthusiastic, talented, University-bound students to study at Corvinus, who will later show a commitment to the University as alumni. Corvinus University considers it its task to research and care for talented students, regardless of social background, and to support talent management workshops – vocational colleges and student organizations.

World class student services
The strategic goal of the University’s renewal is to provide its students with a world-class experience. There is a need for services that allow students to make their time at university a journey to a successful future, made up of consciously livable, mutually supportive elements. The world-class student experience allows the corvinus identity of University students to develop and be strengthened enough to last a lifetime.

Internationalization in a new dimension
The aim of the University is to raise its international recognition and embeddedness to a new dimension, especially with regard to the Central European region. Further internationalization of the student and teaching-research community is needed to make the University a truly international institution.

Commencement of legal proceedings
University colleagues are currently involved in a number of valuable corporate social responsibility initiatives. The task for the coming years is to develop a systematic framework for social responsibility. The University considers the embracing of disadvantaged talents and the issue of environmental sustainability to be of paramount importance.

Cohesive community, strong values, agile organization
The University is able to achieve its strategic goals if it exists as a strong and cohesive community; its culture is based on values shared by the community and manifested in everyday life; its operation is framed by tight processes and agile organization.

Impeccable interior services
The condition of world-class education and research is that the internal services of the University – infrastructural, IT, procurement, financial, legal and labor services – function flawlessly. The high standard of internal services allows colleagues doing academic work to focus on professional activity and its continuous development, as well as reducing the administrative burden on University leaders, giving room for the expansion of development activities.

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