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Corvinus Renewal Program

An important goal of the Corvinus University of Budapest is to become the best university in the field of economic and social sciences in the Central and Eastern European region by 2030. Furthermore, so that we can train the responsible economic and social elite of twenty-first century Hungary and the region.

Strategic goals for the near future

Regionally outstanding educational programs
We would like to offer our Hungarian and international students outstanding educational programs at the regional level, after which they can choose from the best job offers in the business world, public administration, academic or the civil sphere.

Internationally recognised research results, innovative knowledge projects
Renewable Corvinus aims to continuously increase the number of its internationally recognised, socially relevant research results. We plan to implement future-oriented, innovative knowledge projects with the largest, most dynamically developing companies and key public institutions and social organisations. 

World-class, dedicated teachers-researchers
Our goal is to call home Hungarian economists and social scientists working at excellent universities abroad, as well as to attract young, emerging and already proven foreign scientists to Budapest. And we provide colleagues working at the University with the opportunity for continuous development.

Enthusiastic, talented Corvinus-bound students and alumni
We wish enthusiastic, talented, University-bound students to study at Corvinus, who will later show a commitment to the University as alumni. Corvinus University considers it its mission to research and care for talented students regardless of social background.

Interdisciplinary intellectual renewal
An important historical tradition of the Corvinus University of Budapest is the interdisciplinary approach. In the transformation of our trainings and the creation of our new trainings, we will continue to strive to break down the boundaries of our fields, as the labour market of the 21st century primarily needs highly qualified professionals who are familiar with moving across the boundaries of several disciplines.
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