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We are working on our English language users guides. We are providing personal online support line at helpdesk(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu .

IT Center


Live stream for over 100 participants (Live event) ver:1.0 (26 March)

1.    When do I need to use live stream for over 100 participants?
1.1.    Is this opportunity available for anyone?
1.2.    What preparations does it require on my side?
1.3.    Who shall I turn to if I want to use this solution?
2.    What is the difference between Meet now (or even a scheduled meeting) and live streaming?
3.    What are  the limitations of live streaming?
3.1.    How many students can watch the lecture at a time?
3.2.    How can I organize a live-streaming event?
3.3.    Can a live-streaming event have more presenters?
3.4.    Can the professor hold such a lecture on his own?
3.5.    What are the advantages of using help for live streaming?
4.    How can I use a presentation in the live stream?
5.    How can the students join to the live stream?
5.1.    How do my students learn about the lecture and how to access it?
6.    Is the lecture recorded?
6.1.    Who can download the video of the lecture?
7.    Can the students comment or interrupt the lecture?
7.1.    Can I see my students during the lecture?
7.2.    Can I moderate the unwanted comments or questions?
8.    Can I check who participated in the event?

Self-managed video course via Team ver:2.0 (25 March)

1.    When can I organize my video course via Teams myself?
2.    How do my students know when my online lecture/course takes place?
2.1.    Simple message to a group
2.2.    Can I send formatted messages?
3.    How can I draw my students’ attention to something important?
4.    How can I start the lecture/course?
5.    What do lectures/courses and tutorship differ from each-other?
5.1.    How can I or my students join the call?
5.2.    When can students join the call?
6.    How can I record my lecture/course?
7.    How can I record tutorship calls?

Centrally scheduled series of lectures ver:1.0 (24 March)

1.    When do I need centrally scheduled series of lectures?
2.    What shall I do if I would like to use this kind of scheduling?
2.1.    What information do you need to schedule my lectures?
3.    How does this scheduling help me?
3.1.    Does that mean that I can schedule Teams events in my calendar?
3.2.    Can I ask for Office 365 email and calendar (Outlook) service?

Microsoft Stream ver:1.0 (27 March)

1.    What is Stream solution used for?
2.    Where can I reach my Stream account?
3.    Why shall I use Stream instead of YouTube? Why is a better solution for me?
4.    Where can I upload my video?
4.1.    How to do the upload?
4.2.    Details of the video
4.2.1.    The title (name) of the video
4.2.2.    Description
4.2.3.    Language
4.3.    Permissions
5.    Can I also find the recordings made in Teams here?
6.    How can I edit the information about the video or its settings and permissions?
7.    Is there a connection between Teams and Stream?
8.    Is it possible to edit the video itself?
8.1.    How to trim your video?
9.    How do I know how many people have seen the video?
9.1.    Can I check who has seen a video?
10.    How does automatic subtitling work?
11.    What file formats are accepted?
12.    How can I make a video in Stream from a PowerPoint slide show?

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