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Autumn Semester 2020/2021

From this September on, not everything will be the same; the Corvinus University is also preparing for a hybrid education. Bigger lectures will be held online, whereas seminars will be held in person but with restrictions. Based on the latest provisions of the Presidential Committee, we have listed the most important information regarding this unusual semester start.

What is going to be different about the semester? 

Mask wearing

You can experience some changes in the new academic year, one of them will be wearing a mask.

It will be mandatory to wear a mask:

  • In public spaces, corridors
  • In classrooms
  • When you visit any administration office,in case a safe distance of 1,5 meters cannot be kept or there is no other safety device installed (plexiglass, partition wall).

In addition, the University is going to set up disinfection points at major hubs (it is highly recommended to use them), and in the toilets, soap dispensers are going to be filled up with antiviral products.

Operation of student support service

In the new academic year, student support services will operate according to these points:

  • In most cases, student support services will remain electronic/online
  • Only the University’s email address shall be used regarding these matters (…
  • Personal student service is available in the consulting hours, after booking an appointment

Lectures in English

Lectures of more than 60 students are going to be recorded in studio quality whereas for lectures of 40-60 students, the recordings are going to be made by the lecturers themselves.

Lectures of less than 40 students are only typical of programs with a small number of students; in case of these, it is up to the lecturer whether to hold personal consultations/give interactive lectures or not.

Seminars in English

Seminars in English will be held as following:

Scenario A is going to be used in groups of mostly Hungarian students. In this case, most students may attend the class in person. However, for those who do not live in Hungary, there is going to be an online group as well.

Scenario B is going to be used in case of classes where roughly half of the students resides in Hungary and half of them resides in a foreign country. In this case, the group is divided into two parts. On every second week, students residing in Hungary attend the class in person, whereas students residing in a foreign country perform individual tasks. On the other weeks, students residing in a foreign country attend an online class, whereas students residing in Hungary perform individual tasks from home. 

Scenario C is going to be used in cases where the majority of the group resides in a foreign country. In this case, all seminars are going to be held online.

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