Széchenyi 2020
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Work in the Renewal project organization will not stop in 2019 either

Several sub-projects of the project organization responsible for the internal renewal process arising from the new operating model of the Corvinus University of Budapest met in January.

On 16 January, the HR strategy and employment sub-project discussed the development of the aspects of the situation assessment necessary for the creation of the new HR strategy set for 2023, in which colleagues are planned to be more widely involved. One of the first steps will be a questionnaire to assess the organizational culture; after scientific processing and evaluation of the results, possible differences between organizational units will also be assessed. International rankings with HR indicators will also be used as a benchmark to help develop the strategy. At the meeting, colleagues finalized the questionnaire and outlined a further timetable for the sub-project and reviewed the collaboration with the other sub-projects to avoid duplication.

At its January 17 meeting, the organizational development sub-project attempted to assess the most important features of the university's organizational operation in the framework of a creative workshop. According to the “world café” method, colleagues changed tables every half hour and examined processes on three topics: the functioning of the academic, service-administrative, and decision-making levels. The other groups also made remarks on the comments recorded, and the focus of the discussions was on articulating strengths and issues.

The contrast between dynamism and stability, the relationship between bottom-up and top-down processes, the importance of setting priorities, and how to achieve a set strategy with our day-to-day work were discussed. The ultimate goal was an accurate diagnosis of the processes and structure of Corvinus. With the help of such a more informal workshop, it is easier for colleagues to step back a little, to look at our immediate environment with an outside eye, and later to make suggestions for the ideal operation. 

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